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Article by Benjamin Creme’s Master

From the inception of Share International magazine, Benjamin Creme’s Master provided articles to be published not only at the time they were written, but also whenever appropriate according to world circumstances. This article, although written in 1987, cuts to heart of the reasons for the world’s current crisis, as does Maitreya Message No. 101. Both highlight the basic problem and solution. “How, lacking sharing, could man continue?” asks BC’s Master, while Maitreya states: “The world groans for Justice. The true reason for man’s problems today is the absence of Justice and Love.” Surely advice we can no longer afford to ignore.

The case for sharing

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

There will shortly come a time when humanity must reach a great decision. Troubled as it is on all sides by divisions and cleavage, a new approach must be found to the many problems which beset it. Without such a new approach, there is little doubt, an ominous future would await mankind.

Historically, there is no precedent for the present situation and conditions on Earth. Never before have so many souls co-existed on the planet. Seldom, if ever, have the divisions between the groups been so painful and deep. Never has man controlled such forces of destruction as are now at his command, giving him power to destroy the life in every kingdom. When such destruction threatens, man must take stock and devise new ways to proceed.

Of all the possible ways there yet remains but one untried. Throughout his history one simple answer has eluded man’s grasp. The principle of Sharing is the only one which will answer man’s needs and solve his many problems, for it is fundamental to the Plan of God Himself. Without sharing, man denies his divinity and stores up for himself all future woes. Without sharing, unholy chaos reigns and withholds from man the Justice which is his by right. Sharing alone provides the opportunity to establish God’s Plan of Brotherhood and to remove from the world forever the sin of separation.

How, lacking sharing, could man continue? How, without sharing, could he hope to survive? So great are the dangers in the present imbalance between the nations that luck alone would not suffice to see him through. A deadly sickness – separation and greed – prevails upon the earth, and calls for drastic measures to effect a cure.

The simple cure is at hand despite the outer chaos. The long-drawn testing of mankind is all but at an end. Arrayed against the forces which still hold man in thrall, the Hierarchy of Light retrace Their steps and stand together under the banner of Truth.

Maitreya’s mission begins with an appeal to men to share. His knowledge of men’s hearts leaves Him certain of their choice, and certain of their readiness to make the needed changes. “Man must share or die”, has He said, knowing well that men will choose to share and live and to create with Him a better future.

Until now, all efforts to solve man’s problems have been directed to maintaining the present structures, however unjust they have proved themselves to be. The cleavages on every hand cry out for resolution and await the application of the Law of Justice.

Fear grips many today as they hear their leaders wrangle; a time is coming when they will leave their leaders far behind. Man is awakening to the call for freedom and needs only true leadership to set the world to rights. Maitreya has come to show the way, and to lead men to brotherhood and justice. A new era opens under His wise direction which will demonstrate the true divinity of man, establishing the means of sharing and co-operation and thus fulfilling the Plan of God.

[This article from Share International magazine, May 2020, is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, was in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.]

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Maitreya’s Message No.101 – through Benjamin Creme

26 March 1980

My dear friends, I am happy indeed to be with you once more in this fashion.

Before long, My friends, you shall see Me. You shall witness in fact the Return of your Brother of Old. You shall see thus the fulfilment of the Plan of God, for the Fiat of God has brought Me here. Likewise, mankind itself has called Me, and gladly have I answered that call.

Justice must and shall be done. The world groans for Justice. The true reason for man’s problems today is the absence of Justice and Love. Were these divine aspects to be in force tomorrow, a new sweetness would colour your lives. This gracious gift of Love and Just Sharing stems from God. Only through its correct manifestation can God be known. Teach men this, My friends, and you teach a great and simple Truth.

When men see Me, My brothers, they will see a simple and just Man. All who know God manifest these qualities. Seek, then, for Me in that guise.

Now that My Presence is an established fact, I can see more clearly the problems of man. These are manifold, My friends, but stem from a simple cause.

Simple lack of Love is the root of man’s suffering today. Naught but this holds him from the manifestation of his divine potential. All of Godhead exists in man, but without Love naught but suffering ensues. For long, My friends, have you known this; many times before have you heard the need for Love. Nevertheless, that divine aspect is wanting in your lives.

I come to show you the simple Path to God through Love, to teach you the techniques of Love, the way forward through Love and Justice, correct relationship of man to man and thus to God.

Know then this simple Man when you see Him and call Him Brother, for it is as a Brother of all men that I appear: to take you by the hand and lead you to the Father, to show you the wondrous vision of your future, to establish in you the will to serve, to create with you the City of Truth, the Temple of Love, to lead you forwards, and back to God.

May the Divine Light and Love and Power of the One Most Holy God be now manifest within your hearts and minds. May this manifestation take you with Me back to your Source. (Maitreya’s Message No.101 through Benjamin Creme)

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