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From the inception of Share International magazine, Benjamin Creme’s Master provided articles to be published not only at the time they were written, but also whenever appropriate according to world circumstances. Many of these articles seem more relevant now than when they were first published. This article was written in April 1990 and yet it could have been written today so closely does it reflect the events unfolding now.

They will not be denied

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

With every day that passes, more and more people are becoming aware that something new, quite unusual, is happening to them and the world. They sense that events are under way which will reshape the future and carry them they know not where. This expectancy simultaneously frightens and thrills. They feel a growing confidence that mankind is not doomed, but, against all odds, has, they know not why, come through the fire that threatened its existence.

They feel, too, a gathering power within themselves with which to effect changes in their lives, and so control their destiny. Thus disappearing for ever is the time when governments rule against the peoples’ will and force their unwelcome doctrines on the passive populace. The days of the autocrats are numbered and, one by one, they leave the stage of their inglorious reign. The new times are with the people and from their ranks will the new spokesmen come.

Waiting, behind the scenes, stands the Christ. In patient silence and unhurried, ceaseless toil, He fashions the means of His emergence before the eyes of men. All, now, is prepared. The final touches, only, await His hand. Soon, the world will know that the Teacher is here; that the Son of Man has returned; that the Representative of the Most High has placed Himself at the service of humanity once again.

His call, resounding through the world, will draw the best from all who find in Him an echo of their heart’s desire for justice, freedom and love, and, in ever-gathering force, the cry for their enactment will rise from every nation. Thus will it be. And thus will He focus the will, and become the outspoken voice, of a myriad aspiring souls.

His voice is not the only one that men will hear. Throughout the world, in every country, groups await the opportunity to speak. Prepared and trained they stand now in the wings, ready to serve when called. They know the needs of the time and the answers to the problems which beset mankind today. Little by little, these problems will be conquered and a new chapter opened in the evolution of the race. Before too long, these wise ones will come forward and place themselves at the disposal of the world. Their altruism will recommend them to the peoples and their judgement will win the trust of all.

Take heart, therefore, from all of this, and know that new and better times are on the way. Take heart and know that naught can stop the momentum of change that now grips this world.

Formerly, people awaited events in passive acceptance of fate. Today, a new consciousness informs the minds and hearts of men and awakens them to their inborn need for justice and freedom. They will not be denied.

[This article from Share International magazine, December 2019, is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, was in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.]

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