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Overcoming the fear of change

Many await the World Teacher with a growing faith that He can solve the problems which men find so intractable. They sense that they can trust His wise judgement and experience. That this is true cannot be gainsaid. He is indeed a wise counsellor and men should hearken to His advice with confidence. The Law, however, limits the degree to which He may intervene in man’s affairs. Men should know that the Law forbids the use of force – man’s free will cannot be infringed. Thus it is that men alone must make the decisions for change: as Maitreya has said: “I am the Architect, only, of the Plan. You, My friends and brothers, are the willing builders of the Shining Temple of Truth.”*

When men see Him, Maitreya will teach the way of peace and love: through the manifestation of sharing and justice alone will both be known. Thus, in the simplest terms does He offer the solution to man’s dilemma.

Man, even now, finds his structures failing. He cannot understand how, amidst plenty, crime so burgeons and threatens. He cannot understand how, amidst plenty, not all men know happiness. He cannot see that men live in fear and therefore know no hope.

Caution and fear of change inhibit realism and men are struggling with outworn and crumbling structures. The real and urgent problems elude them and drive men closer to the edge.

Fear pervades man’s every action and thought; this alone makes change both difficult and more than ever necessary.

Maitreya, you will find, will counsel change but the desire for change must reside in man himself. Thus will man condition the speed and scope of transformation and thus, too, will the dictates of the Law be obeyed.

Maitreya will address men’s fear and help them to slay that many-headed monster. He will show them that they have nothing to fear but fear in the building of the new world.

Many, today, may doubt that this can be accomplished but Maitreya knows that billions are longing for the changes which He advocates, for the world which He envisages. They await only His words, His voice, His call for justice. Into the building of that new world the hopes of men and women everywhere will go. Their age-old desire for peace and justice will, at last, find fulfillment.

These desires and thoughts are already descending, already filling men’s hearts and minds and making the future now.

The world is ready, as never before, for the emergence of the Christ. Nothing can prevent this momentous event. Even now, the final preparations are being made. Soon, the Christ, Maitreya, the World Teacher, the Lord of Love Himself, will move openly among us.

*Message No. 65, Messages from Maitreya the Christ (Share International)

We have chosen to reproduce here an article which relates closely to several recent articles by Benjamin Creme’s Master. They point to profound changes ahead for humanity. This is a theme which is as relevant today as it was in 2001. See also compilation in issue 9/2015: “The overcoming of fear”.

[This article from Share International magazine, September 2015 , is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, is in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.]

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