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Share International magazine cover for 2010This is an abridged version of
Share International magazine.
Through these electronic files, the magazine Share International makes available a compilation of its contents.

The magazine is published monthly, except bimonthly in January/February and July/August of each year.

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Rallying call!

It has come to our notice that more and more people are receiving our information from the website alone, and thus forgoing the small cost of subscribing to Share International magazine.

Not everyone can, or does, use the internet, and it is essential to have an outer, physical expression, which can display with photographs, the events of which we speak. That means there has to be a magazine, which of course requires a lot of work from volunteers, and a lot of money to produce. There may be a notion that Hierarchy dishes out money for this work, but it is not the case. Subscriptions to Share International are an essential part of maintaining our work and reaching the public. The cost of the subscription is kept as low as possible, the magazine is not subsidised by advertisements and printing and postal charges are mounting all the time.

Surely we would all agree that all those who seriously believe in this work would want to support the magazine, whether or not they read the information on the internet.

Thank you for your support.

The voice of the people is heard

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 13 February 2011

During eighteen momentous days, recently, the attention of the world was fixed on one square in one ancient city. In their thousands and tens of thousands, the people of Cairo, young and old and very young, walked bravely past the tanks and water canons, and learned quickly the art of breathing amid tear-gas assault. The people of Cairo, in peaceful brotherhood, took over and held their Square, adding the name Tahrir to the glories of Egypt’s illustrious past.

For eighteen days they defied the police and agents of the old, corrupt regime, calling with one peaceful and confident voice for change, for justice and jobs, for freedom and the rule of law. The Muslims among them prayed at the appointed times while others stood guard, protecting them from attack. Brotherhood blossomed and an extraordinary spiritual potency was tangible in the Square and throughout the city.

From whence did this come? Every day, for eighteen days, Maitreya spent many hours in Cairo, mainly in the Square. In many different guises, He worked among the people, consoling the wounded and the many martyrs who gave their lives for freedom and justice. The Great Lord encouraged, guided and blessed them for their ardour and restraint, and a deep sense of love and unity filled the hearts and minds of all the people. Foreign journalists were astonished by the joy expressed so openly by the citizens, young and old, rich and poor, lame and hearty. Bathing in the energies and love of Maitreya, they were born anew.


Nearby despots and ‘strong men’ watched these daily scenes on television in horror and disbelief, expecting a sure and firm response from the old regime to end this madness. This madness was the voice of the new time, the time of justice and sharing, freedom and love.

It is the voice of the people, and the people have awakened to their unity and power. For the old despots, the writing is on the wall.


(Read more articles by the Master)

Q. How many interviews has Maitreya given to date?

A. 34. [As of 1 March 2011]

Q. Are all the interviews still taking place in the USA?

A. No. The last two were given in Mexico. [As of 12 February 2011]

Q. Has Maitreya been interviewed in Japan yet?

A. No.

Q. How many millions of people (on average per viewing) watch Maitreya’s interviews broadcast on television?

A. About 4,000,000.

Q. Have the other major TV networks in the US or the cable news networks shown any interest in interviewing Maitreya?

A. Not in the USA, but in Latin America where, for example, in Mexico City, Maitreya has given two interviews.

Q. Have there been any reports, debate on, or response to the TV interviews in other media such as in newspapers, blogs or other online news sites? If not why is there such a muted response even after 28-plus interviews?

A. Not that I am aware of. Remember that Maitreya is ‘incognito’, unannounced as the World Teacher. Also, His approach is deliberately quiet in the first place, in order not to frighten off the very people He is trying to help.

Q. It would be a help for those, all over the world, who feel concerned with the dissemination of the ideas expressed by Maitreya, during the interviews on the American channel, to have a short summary of what has been said. Like a subject of inspiration they could use in the work, by their own thought on these ideas.

A. Remember, Maitreya is ‘incognito’. We cannot be active in drawing attention to Him, personally. I have already given a fair idea of His concerns: sharing, justice, peace, tolerance, goodwill, etc.

Q. Can you tell me where to find or give me some details on what Maitreya has talked about for future needs in terms of what type of work one may do or get involved in that will continue to support the overall well-being of humanity. I know he talks about the need to distribute food and about things related to the planet. For someone wanting to pursue a career, what are some suggestions he has given? I don’t even want to use the word career. However, for you to get a better idea of the needed info, I have used it.

A. The world is crying out for help of all kinds. The developing world provides thousands of avenues of approach to answering the people’s needs. Many are starving, all are poor, destitute, living perhaps on a dollar (or less) a day. The opportunities to help are endless.

Q. On 28 January 2011 a bright UFO was filmed over the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel, at 1am by different eye-witnesses from different angles. (1) Was this a manifestation of Maitreya’s ‘star’? (2) Was this manifestation in any way related to the recent show of people power engulfing the Arab nations?

A. (1) Yes. (2) Yes.

Q. I read on the Share International website that the ‘Rider on the White Horse’, seen on a video from the protests in Egypt, is the Kalki Avatar. You have said that Maitreya is the Kalki Avatar but on a Sai Baba website it says that He too is Kalki Avatar. As the task of the Kalki Avatar is to establish Dharma (righteousness) again on Earth it seems very logical to me, that Sai Baba could be Him, because He already as Rama brought truth and righteousness, but on the other hand I think that it was Maitreya Who supported the Egyptian people through His presence in Egypt. Can you please say which one of Them is the Kalki Avatar?

A. They are both Kalki Avatar. This may be difficult for some people to understand or accept but such it is – we have a double manifestation of Kalki Avatar.

Q. One year ago, Maitreya stepped forward to begin His mission. Since then, He has appeared on US television 28 times. The US is worse off now than it was a year ago. So is the rest of the world. Is Maitreya’s mission failing? Why aren’t things getting better? Why isn’t there a more noticeable galvanization of the masses to His presence and message? Thank you for your response and your good work.

A. It is true that, economically, everything is, or is getting, worse. This is the inevitable result of trying to continue in the old ways which no longer work. Maitreya does not come to make the old methods more tolerable but to show the way (the only way) into the future. Humanity has the means in its hands if it wants to survive: Sharing, Justice and Freedom for all is the only answer to our troubles. As to a response to His ideas, look what has happened in Egypt.


Dressed to impress

Dear Editor,

For some time I have been feeling utterly depleted and depressed; it was hard to get out of bed in the morning. I was using Maitreya’s ‘hand’ and listening to the messages, but nothing shifted the heaviness.

On 3 February 2011 the sun was shining beautifully, lifting my spirits somewhat, so that I was exchanging greetings with local people. As I was walking along the Finchley Road [London], a couple coming toward me were dressed so colourfully I had to exclaim: “You look so nice.” The man wore a pink shirt, a tan jacket, and a jaunty trilby with a leaf pattern. The woman was dressed in swathes of intense turquoise, blue and purple with an open neck, altogether an unusual sight in mid-winter.

The man was pushing a cart with a sleeping baby; the cart low to the ground and facing forward. Referring to the baby I said: “Congratulations, no wonder you’re celebrating, wearing your carnival clothes.” As they walked by the woman touched my arm and said smilingly: “And you continue to celebrate!” I was thinking what a welcome gesture that was. I turned around to see where they were going, but they had disappeared!

Who were they?

C.C., London, UK.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the man was Maitreya, the ‘woman’ was the Master Jesus and the ‘baby’ was a disciple of the Master Jesus.)

Wise words

Dear Editor,

I was having an intense day at work with several problems and setbacks. It was 3pm and I hadn’t taken lunch, so I went to a café where I got some soup and went to the eating area upstairs.

Sitting alone at a table, a man asks if he could sit in the seat across from me, which is not unusual when that place gets crowded. He was drinking a tall purply fruit smoothie and commenting on how good it was. He had a very happy, friendly, laid-back demeanor. He asked how I was. I answered and asked how he was. He said: “Just great!” I was struck by how joyful he seemed when he said that. He was looking at me and smiling. I wanted to get into a conversation with him but really couldn’t think of what to say.

Finally, after a very long pause, he asked me if there was anything I wanted to tell him. The question rather stunned me. The first thing I thought of was to say that the Christ is in the world, but then I immediately got the sense that the person sitting across from me was not an ordinary person, but might just possibly be the Christ Himself. If this was the case, would I need to tell him that? I was trying to work this out in my mind. I ended up saying: “No one’s ever said that to me.” He said: “Maybe people should say it more often.” I asked his name and he told me it was Luke. We shook hands.

After this, an interesting and sometimes awkward conversation took place. I say awkward because I was aware of who I was talking to, or thought I was talking to, and this caused me to become self-conscious and lose my train of thought. It was sometimes difficult to finish whatever I was saying. I say interesting because what he said was interesting and very much along the lines of what Maitreya would say. Also, his demeanor was so unusual. He was gentle, pleasant and patient as I struggled to complete my thoughts. He looked directly at me the whole time, never breaking eye contact or changing the nature of his gaze. It was a very direct, loving, and a ‘glad to be with you’ kind of look that never became invasive.

He was tall and thin, looked like he could have been of Italian descent, brown hair parted in the middle, uneven stubble on his face. He wore a light yellow colored sweater with very large diamond Argyle shapes on it, jeans and brown shoes. He seemed to be in his late 30’s. Most remarkable about his appearance were the eyes; brown, but with gold surrounding the pupil – like a solar eclipse.

For some of the conversation, I talked about my art. He asked questions about what I was saying: deceptively simple questions that were actually quite challenging. After a little pause, I asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell me. After a little thought he said: “Just that there is only the moment. That’s all there ever is. And not to breathe the air, but to let the air breathe you.” I asked if he wanted to expand on the meaning of that as I did not understand the second thing he said. He said: “Don’t try to control life but let it control you,” or something to that affect.

A lot of the time, we were just looking at each other and smiling. He reminded me of the way a parent looks lovingly at their young child. It felt like that.

When I told him I had to go back to work, he said, “Okay”, and continued sitting and looking at me. He didn’t move at all but watched as I put my hat and coat on. As I started to walk away, he said: “Oh yeah, one more thing. You are loved unconditionally always.” Or something close to that. I sincerely thanked him and left. When I returned to work, the problems and setbacks had cleared up.

Who was this man who sat and talked with me?

C.L., New York, USA.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the man was Maitreya.)


Lord of the dance

Dear Editor,

On Saturday 5 February 2011 about 4.30 pm my wife and I were travelling back home on the bus from Central London. The bus travels through Oxford Street, full of shops and frenzied shoppers. In amongst this maelstrom of consumerism we saw out of the bus window the same character (confirmed to be Maitreya in Share International magazine Jan/Feb 2009) who appeared during one of the big Iraq war marches in London. This time he was setting up his large poster on a stand and was getting ready to do his ‘dance’. The poster read as follows: “Christ will soon rule the world from Jerusalem for a 1,000 years, so says the Bible.” And at the bottom of the poster he had signed it as ‘The Dancing Priest’. He was dressed exactly the same as in previous sightings and as he was a small man he resembled an Irish Leprechaun, not that I’ve seen one recently. His outfit was unusual – light browns and greens, with a short kilt and jaunty green ‘Robin Hood’ hat. Definitely something of the ‘forest’ about him and a stark contrast to the concrete jungle all around us. In the previous sightings his posters had referred to a 24 hour dance marathon, so the dance connection was there once again. It was an extraordinary sight and one that cut right through our somewhat negative mood – not easy living in the city sometimes.

Was he Maitreya appearing once again in this comical guise?

D.G., London, UK.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the man was Maitreya.)


Maitreya’s ‘star’ seen in Finland

Dear Editor,

I would like to ask about a star, which my husband and I have seen [in Vantaa, Finland]. My husband saw it first on 18 October 2010 and we both saw it a couple of times later, that same week, and the following week. We saw the star in the mornings in the southern sky. It was bright, it was twinkling and glimmered different colours especially green and red. From time to time the star moved and made a circle.

Could this be Maitreya’s star or is it just hopeful thinking?

S.H., Vantaa, Finland.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that what you have been seeing is, indeed, Maitreya’s ‘star’, the herald of His emergence into our everyday life.)


Two letters from the same person:

Dear Editor,

(1) On 30 September 2010 at 7.30pm, I was driving home from Transmission Meditation. When I came to Pobrezje I saw a very bright, white light on the road. It came from my right side, from the field beside the road. I was scared that a car with only one light might run into me. The light was following me on my right side, then passed across to the front of the car and continued to move up the road in front of me. There was no noise, so I was confused and worried, but then the thought that this is somehow connected with the Masters came to me and my fear was gone and I felt happy and peaceful. What was the moving light?

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the light came from Maitreya’s ‘star’.)

(2) On 27 October 2010, after our Transmission Meditation, we were observing a ‘star’. It was very big and visible in the night sky. We were talking about it and staring up at the night sky when another bright white light, identical in size and shape, appeared beside the first star, only it was moving. It was coming closer and closer to the ‘star’, and when it was right above the first ‘star’ it stopped for a moment. They were totally identical in size and shape. Then the ‘star’ above the first ‘star’ started moving again, getting smaller and smaller and finally disappearing. Were they UFOs or Maitreya’s ‘stars’?

I.K., Ptuj, Slovenia.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that they were both Maitreya’s Heralds or ‘stars’.)


The ‘star’ that heralds Maitreya’s emergence

On 12 December 2008 Share International distributed a news release announcing that in the very near future a large, bright star would appear in the sky visible throughout the world, night and day, heralding the imminent appearance of Maitreya in His first interview on a major US television programme. Within weeks of the announcement reports of people witnessing an unusually bright star, often moving and changing colours, began to be appear in the media and were published by Share International.

Since then sightings of the ‘star’ have been reported all over the world including letters to Share International, hundreds of YouTube videos and dozens of media reports.

Included below is a selection of recently confirmed sightings of the ‘star’.

See also: Maitreya's 'star' sign


Maitreya’s ‘star’ over Jerusalem

Maitreya's 'star' over Jerusalem

Maitreya’s ‘star’ over Jerusalem

On 28 January 2011, at around 1am, several witnesses saw and filmed a glowing UFO hovering over the Dome of the Rock on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. The Dome of the Rock is an important Islamic shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. Two witnesses who were at the Armon Hanatziv panoramic lookout over Mount Zion and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, filmed what might be one of the most interesting UFO clips ever captured. Since then four video clips have been uploaded onto YouTube – each taken independently of the others and from different angles but all corroborating each other’s experience.

At first a very bright star-like object seems to hang motionless over the city of Jerusalem; after some time it plummets vertically earthwards only to hang motionless again just above the horizon in one of the films. Some minutes later there is a brilliant explosion of light and the UFO soars straight up into the night sky and disappears. As the bright white light vanishes several red-orange glowing balls take its place and move about the sky in various formations.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported: “Perhaps more intriguing is the fact it was shot from various angles that all seem to be in sync, particularly at the moment when the object flies upwards at high speed.” The area is heavily guarded and no air traffic is allowed in the vicinity, as UK’s Channel 4 News noted: the videos appear to show “the exact same ball of light” and “the mystery deepens as flying is forbidden above the sacred site, so the light cannot come from a plane”. (Source:;;

(According to Benjamin Creme’s Master, the UFO in Jerusalem was one of the four ‘stars’ seen around the world since December 2008 that herald Maitreya’s open emergence. The red-orange balls of light were smaller spacecraft which were servicing the ‘star’.)


The Rider on a White Horse

Cairo Rider on White horse

The Rider on a White Horse in Cairo

A video clip of an ethereal figure in white, riding a white horse through the crowds gathered in Tahrir Square, was aired on Euronews on 3 February 2011. The footage was subsequently seen on MSNBC, CNN and uploaded over a dozen times to the popular video-sharing site YouTube, and captures a fleeting image of a rider dressed in white on a white charger. The figure is very erect, the horse appears to be wearing medieval barding and the rider and horse seem to weave their way quite quickly through the crowds only to lift off and float upwards over the heads of the people. They were seen by some people in the crowd.

Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the rider was Maitreya. His appearance was a blessing on the crowds and an endorsement of the happenings taking place in the square.

Maitreya has appeared many times as the Avatar on the White Horse, as Kalki Avatar – an age-old symbol of the Avatar to come. He has appeared as the Rider on a white horse several times in the past.

This appearance has nothing to do with the ‘four horsemen of the Apocalypse’. It is a sign from Maitreya showing the immensity of what the Egyptian people are doing and that He is with them in their struggle for justice, peace and freedom.

Weeping statue in Canada

Hundreds of people have visited the front yard of a house in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to see a statue of the Madonna that, witnesses say smiles by day and weeps tears of oil at night. The homeowner, Fadia Ibrahim, says the phenomenon is a miracle, and claims the Madonna told her six months ago to build a shrine in the front of her house.

Oil is visible on the statue’s face and hands, and can often be seen dripping from its chin. Some visitors have described extraordinary healings after being anointed with the oil. Carmela Montilla reported that her granddaughter, who suffers from leukaemia, was anointed with the statue’s oil. Soon thereafter her blood count returned to normal levels, and she was able to return to school. Ibrahim says her own hands often secrete the healing oil, especially when she speaks about the Madonna. (Source: CBC News, The Windsor Star, Canada)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that this is a miracle manifested by the Master Jesus.)

UFO sightings

Utah, USA – Several people in the towns of American Fork and Highland, Utah, reported seeing three unusual red lights in the sky on the evening of 26 January 2011. Witnesses said the silent, slowly-moving UFOs released bright white streams of light. One witness, Mike Galbraith, a former member of the US Air Force, said the UFOs were unlike any airplane or helicopter he had ever seen, and that the trails of white light that dropped from the red lights were not flares. Galbraith said:

“They looked like they were flying in formation perfectly together and then whatever was dropping looked like it was burning real bright.” After about 15 minutes, the UFOs “just flew away”, witnesses said.


(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that they were spacecraft from Mars.)

Mexico – Yohanan Diaz Vargas, a UFO investigator and television producer for the UFO programme Tercer Milenio, in Mexico, reported that two major UFO sightings took place in Mexico on 29 January 2011, the day after a UFO was seen over Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock.

According to Diaz Vargas, a large group of UFOs appeared over the city of Los Mochis in the northwestern state of Sinaloa on that date, at 9.30pm. Diaz Vargas reports: “Saturday 29 January 2011 had great UFO activity reported in northern Mexico that was marked by dozens of people who reported through the Twitter network two cases of UFO sightings in two very important cities.

“In the first UFO sighting, there was reported the presence of strange lights in the sky that moved very slowly and in formation at 11.30pm over Los Mochis, Sinaloa. [UFO witness] user Velbel was able to capture video with an iPhone of a UFO ‘fleet’ where there are white areas that had a reddish halo perfectly protruding from the black sky.… the UFO fleet did not produce any sound.” (Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that they were spacecraft from Mars.)

Maitreya's 'star' on Mexican television

The ‘star’ shown on Mexican television, over Cerro de la Silla, Monterrey, Mexico, 29 January 2011. (YouTube: FutbolxOnlineTV)

About 30 minutes later, according to Diaz Vargas, “dozens of messages from Twitter users in the northeastern city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, stated categorically the presence in the sky of a bright UFO, which threw off flashes of light at times, but remained stationery for more than three hours on one side of the iconic Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Hill).”

This UFO sighting “caused a sensation”, according to Diaz Vargas, when Ernesto Chavanne, the host of a nightly television sports show, broadcast video images of the UFO on his programme. (Source: (Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that it was Maitreya’s ‘star’)

Maitreya's 'star' over Germany

The ‘star’ photographed over Beverungen, Germany, on 13 December 2010. Sent by H.H.


Spaceship technology captured on film

UFO technology in BaselThis photograph was taken on 19 February 2010, at around 4.30pm, near Basel, in Switzerland. The photographer and his daughter had stopped their car in a rest area, when they saw in the sky a ‘misty mass’, like a big dark cloud, which moved downwards and took on a more distinct shape. He took this photograph, showing an extremely tall, vertical tubular object. At the end of the column was, according to the witness, a bubble shape just above the ground. The whole event lasted only a few seconds. Above the tube-like structure there was a huge dome of about 50 metres high from the top to the underside of the dome (not captured on the photo.)

Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the dome-like shape and column was a spacecraft from Mars. Benjamin Creme gives the following explanation:

“Those who saw this phenomenon were shown a kind of ‘x-ray’ photograph of the inner structure of a large spaceship. The vertical tube-like column is a replica of a technical component of most UFOs by which means the crew can reverse gravity. It runs centrally from the dome at the top of the craft to its base and is the mechanism that allows gravity to be reversed at the turn of a switch – which is done mentally. As soon as the ‘switch’ is thrown, the vehicle is free of the pull of gravity and rises automatically.

“Some nations, including the US, Britain, Russia and Germany, have been looking for this anti-gravity technology for many years. They have also been shown it by the Space Brothers. What the witnesses in Basel also saw was the gradual reversion to the spacecraft’s usual (invisible) etheric state.”

This photograph was taken in 2008 during darshan at Sai Baba’s ashram in Puttaparthi. (Editor’s note: We regret that we have been unable to trace the name of the photographer.)

Sai Baba blessing

Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that this is a blessing emanating as a light from Sai Baba’s hand.

Light blessing

M.K. with her baby son, travelling on the bus from Slovenia to Munich for Benjamin Creme’s lecture, on 23 October 2010. The photograph shows a light blessing from the Master Jesus. Sent by H.K.




We present a selection of quotations on the theme of ‘The Will of the People’ from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ), Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks), and Benjamin Creme’s writings.

My Presence is being felt throughout the world. My energy of Love, My Gift, creates among men a pool of happiness. Dip deeply therein, My friends, and, shining with the Light of Love, emerge into a New Day.

My Masters are working to trace for you the outlines of the future. Bear these well in mind. The rock upon which that glorious future will be built is Love, Justice and Sharing. Make it your aim, My friends, to link yourselves with those for whom these Aspects are Divine. Create between you a wall of Light against which the world will knock in vain.

My Army moves. My lieutenants know the result of the battle and know the Plan of action. That action involves you all, for through you, My friends and brothers, must the New World be made. Take then your part in this valiant work and show your mettle. My Love will sustain you. My Law will guide you. My Heart enfolds you always. My friends, be not afraid – you have nothing to fear but your fear. (Maitreya, from Message No.45)

As the simple snowdrop breaks through the snow and heralds the coming spring, so do the people everywhere make known their demands for justice and peace, and an end to a long winter of thraldom and tyranny. The people’s voice is rising, imperious to be heard. It is the harbinger of the new time, the new dispensation, struggling to be born. Despite, nay, because of the plans and actions of dangerous men, the people are throwing off their ancient yoke and claiming their right to be heard. A new urgency and a new confidence invests their claim with power. The power of the people’s voice breaks through the age-old bondage and points the way to the future. More and more, the people are realizing that the role of government is to dispense the needs of the people, that there is no problem or difficulty in which war is the only solution. The sour voices of power-hungry leaders may, for the moment, seduce the fearful or unwary, but their time is limited, is drawing to a close….

When Maitreya emerges, He will seek to canalize the aspiration of countless millions who sense these truths but cannot give them voice. In Him will they find a spokesman, eloquent and severe as circumstances require; through Him will they find their needs made known, the needs of all for a just and peaceful world.

This process is already under way. At marches and demonstrations, where the people call for justice, peace and sanity, Maitreya may be found in one or other guise, playing the part of the people and speaking in their name. His energy of love pervades these gatherings of the just and inspires them to further effort. His strength becomes theirs and they feel undaunted and sure. In this way, the Lord of Love is turning the tide of hate, is potentizing the ardour of millions, and is finding that the people everywhere are aware of their destiny and are seeking the means to implement their heart-felt desires.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The ending of bondage’)

My brothers and sisters are awakening to My Presence and for themselves chart a new course. This is encouraging indeed, for, despite My Plans, mankind’s will is free. When, therefore, I witness man’s response, great is My joy. My Teaching is simple, as you know: Love, Justice and correct sharing are necessary for man to live. (Maitreya, from Message No.83)

Humanity is a tremendous force for good and the changes will take place through the raised voice of the people. The voice of the people of all nations rising up, inspired by Maitreya, led by Him, activated by Maitreya – whether they know He is Maitreya or not. The united will of the people will force the governments to change. (Benjamin Creme, The Awakening of Humanity)

Very little time now will elapse until you see My Face. Know it as the face of your Friend and Brother, come once again to help you. Take Me to your hearts as I, My dear brothers and sisters, have taken you to Mine, and, working together, let us remake the world. Let us change all that is corrupt and useless in your structures, all that prevents the manifestation of your Divinity. Let us together show the way for the little ones and hold fast the world for them. (Maitreya, from Message No.50)

Already, the signs of [Maitreya’s] work are apparent to all. The old dogmas die; new brooms are sweeping away the debris of the past. The old men linger but a new force of truth beats on their embattled and crumbling walls. Not for long will they withstand this new force for righteousness and justice. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, ‘The emergence of Maitreya’)

Soon a new wave of interest in the Truth will be evoked from man, and on that wave My face shall be seen. Count yourselves as My friends and work with Me. Know yourselves as My partners and help the world. Reveal yourselves as My disciples and create the New World. (Maitreya, from Message No.102)

Throughout history, ‘the people’ have watched, and often suffered, the succession of invasions, pillages and cruelties meted out by conquering individuals with their armies of conquest. Today, a new phenomenon has appeared. The people everywhere have sensed their collective power and are demanding a free and just world as theirs by right of being members of the one humanity. This, I submit, is altogether new, and will manifest as a world public opinion with a voice so powerful and united that no government can stand against it. (Benjamin Creme, SI March 2005)

My task is a simple one: to show you the way. You, my friends, have the difficult task of building a New World, a New Country, a new Truth; but together we shall triumph…. Many will find this Path bitter and hard; but many more, by far, will enter upon this Path with joy and gladness at the lightness of their burden, casting away the old, the outworn and the useless, the trivia of the past; and entering into shared brotherhood and joyous communion with all that is, that vast and growing Company shall inherit their Selfhood. (Maitreya, from Message No.15)

Egupt supporters in Vancouver

The people’s voice is rising, imperious to be heard. It is the harbinger of the new time, the new dispensation, struggling to be born. Despite, nay, because of the plans and actions of dangerous men, the people are throwing off their ancient yoke and claiming their right to be heard. A new urgency and a new confidence invests their claim with power.”

Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The ending of bondage’





Governments will come to realize, by dint of the manifested power of the people, that their job, their task, is to look after the needs of the people. This will happen in all countries because that is the role of government. Some governments do it to a tiny degree; others do it more. Some governments are more democratic, and there is more participation in the process, but some are extremely dictatorial and the people have little say. This will end. (Benjamin Creme, The World Teacher for All Humanity)

My Task will be to speak as the mouthpiece for all men everywhere; to voice for them their hopes and desires for a better and saner life; for the reorganization of those structures which prevent the manifestation of the true divinity of man. That is My Task, My dear friends, and that Task lightly, and gladly, do I shoulder. With your help it will be achieved. (Maitreya, from Message No.59)

Thus do the simple words of Maitreya echo through the world. Thus do they awaken in men the hope of renewal. Where enough men are so awakened and ready for change Maitreya will increase the tempo and energy of His delivery and galvanize millions to call for action on their own behalf. Men must understand that action must come from themselves, else nothing new can happen. Where men realize this they will act, spontaneously and with hearts ablaze with hope. So will it be, and so will men fulfil their destiny and create the better framework for the new age which opens before them. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Men awaken to Maitreya’)

Remember that Mankind is One, children of the One Father. Make over, in trust, the goods of the Earth to all who are in need. Do this now and save the world. Thus shall I speak; so shall be My Appeal; and when Mankind has accepted this Law I shall declare Myself. Many there are now who know this to be true, who desire to share, who long for brotherhood, yet act not. Nothing happens by itself. Man must act and implement his will. (Maitreya, from Message No.31)

Join together with groups and work to create the ‘voice of the people.’ Add your voice to the voice of all the other people – the ordinary people not in positions of glamorous power and illusionary wisdom. Add your weight by marching on demonstrations whenever they are arranged. Build up the concept of ‘the people’s voice’ – which eventually will be the most powerful force in the world when it is educated by the ideas of Maitreya, focused by Maitreya, approaching the various problems of humanity in a realistic way. This will build up the most powerful force: of an educated, focused, world public opinion – a force against which no government can stand. Add your voice to the voices of the countless millions.

On 15 February 2003, 12.5 million people across the world marched against the war in Iraq and related issues of justice and freedom. Nearly 2 million of those (1,800,000) were in London, and they included Maitreya. He thinks it is worth joining the marches and He has joined in the demonstrations across the world.

Make your voice heard. Speak out for what you believe. If you believe in justice and freedom for all – say so. Write articles, send them to the newspapers. Make known your mind on this, as your contribution to humanity’s liberation from the ancient thraldom of glamour, illusion and oppression. (Benjamin Creme, SI Jan/Feb 2004)

My major need today is for those who share My Vision to accept the responsibility of action. Many millions there are in the world who know the need of man, who see that Vision, but know not the urgency of the time. I rely on all those with a knowledge of your brothers’ needs, a sympathy for the sufferings of so many and a will to change all that. (Maitreya, from Message No.46)

Already, the cult of money and greed is beginning to be questioned at its source: the market worshippers grow hesitant as their games of chance reach new and dizzying heights of reward. The ‘man in the street’ is awakening to his insecurity in the economic turmoil, and recognizes that he has been hoodwinked to comply.

In the poorer nations, too, a new mood is beginning to prevail: the call for justice is rising and can be heard with a new urgency. Not for long will the impoverished millions suffer their lot in silence. They, more than any, will welcome Maitreya’s call for justice and sharing and see it as their own. They, more than any, will see Him as their Champion, their Voice, and give Him their allegiance. In time, men will rise with one voice and call for His establishment as Teacher, as Wayshower, as Mentor and Guide to the New Time. Thus will Maitreya channel the energies and aspirations of men into a new and better direction, one that will fulfil the plan of God and the destiny of man. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Humanity’s response to Maitreya’)

The problems of mankind are real but solvable. The solution lies within your grasp. Take your brother’s need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course. (Maitreya, from Message No.52)

Maitreya is determined to begin His outer work, but humanity must demonstrate, call for sharing, which is the only way we will create justice and peace. The governments will not respond until humanity forces them to. And when that happens it will be because of the inspiration of Maitreya which will educate, focus and enlighten humanity as a whole. No nation on Earth can avoid or withstand that massed world public opinion. It is that which will bring about the transformation of the world. We have to do it. (Benjamin Creme, SI May 2003)

When, in answer to Maitreya’s call, the peoples of the world make known their desire for justice and peace, the walls of ignorance and greed which now separate the nations will come tumbling down. The voices of the people, raised in unison, will shake the ancient bastions of privilege and power and crumble them to dust. Thus will it be. Thus will the new thought emerge from the stale confines of the past. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The unfolding Plan’)

Wherever I look today around the world, I see the shining points of Light of My people, those on whom I rely. These beacons of Light shall bring all men to Me, and thus the Plan will unfold. May it be that you will gather yourselves around Me in this way, that My Light may kindle your flame; and so together we can transform this world. (Maitreya, from Message No.85)

If you want democracy, you have to participate. That means action. That does not mean leaving it to somebody else to participate – you have to do it. At a local level the more you do, the more effective you can become. If you participate as a group on a local level, your effect on a local level can be much more positive, actually more effective than it can be on the abstract level of national and international politics. It is very difficult for one person to change the actions of a government, but for one person to have a strong impact on a group at the local level is not impossible. This is happening all the time. People with something to say, with ideas that the community thinks are good and practical, are changing life in every country in the world.

(Benjamin Creme, The World Teacher for All Humanity)

A new world is in the making and requires the involvement of all: all have a part to play in this great undertaking; none should feel too young or too old to voice aloud their aspirations. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The voice of Maitreya’)

The ‘voice of the people’ is growing in power all the time and also the skill of the groups who work through the ‘voice of the people’. It is their voice after all. There is a growing ability of the groups to work together, and to find means of contact and action. This will gather momentum and very soon something really extraordinary will happen, beyond your expectations; in the beginning surprising, because people do not on the whole look forward to the good amidst all the noise of the bad. (Benjamin Creme, SI April 2005)

Let the governments understand: the voice of the people is the voice of wisdom. It is a call for realism and truth, for the only action which will lead to a sane and better world. Those governments which fail to listen to that voice will founder, and lose authority and the trust of their people. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Out of darkness’)

The peoples of the world are only beginning to realize that they have a voice – and therefore power – and must be encouraged to demonstrate unceasingly until the governments of the world respond. It is part of Maitreya’s work to stimulate and educate the people to demand their rights….

There are many questions along the lines of “What can I do, I’m only one small individual.” You are not just one person. You are one of millions all over the world; millions of right thinking people of goodwill. Join them. They, like you, want peace in the world and know that it is the injustices in the world that prevent peace. Make it known. Join with others, join groups. Humanity is a tremendous force for good and the changes will take place through the raised voice of the people. The voice of the people of all nations rising up, inspired by Maitreya, led by Him, activated by Maitreya – whether they know He is Maitreya or not. The united will of the people will force the governments to change. (Benjamin Creme, SI, Nov 2003)

The peoples of the world have caught the vision of freedom, of justice, and peace, and will not let it go. They, rather than their leaders, will outline the future and shape it to their needs. Thus will it be. This new force in the world – the voice of the people – is rapidly gaining strength and cohesion and will play a major role in world affairs from now. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The guidance of Maitreya’)

Egypt finds its voice

Egyptian author and columnist Ahdaf Soueif writing in The Guardian, UK:

“The world has been watching this struggle between a tenacious, brutal and corrupt government, using all the apparatus of the state, and a great and varied body of citizens, armed with nothing but words and music and legitimacy and hope. The support of the world came through to us loud and clear, and what has happened here over the last two weeks will give voice and power to civilian citizens everywhere…. Look at the streets of Egypt tonight; this is what hope looks like.”

Soueif’s bulletins for the BBC describe the mood of the Egyptian people:

Tahrir photo“What is happening on the streets and squares of Egypt is extraordinary; it’s nothing less than millions of people re-finding their voice – and using it….

“The atmosphere on Tahrir Square is like – well, imagine a fair, where the product under scrutiny is politics, economics, governance, history and the law….

“People carry home-made placards with their own messages. The most common, of course is ‘Irhal!’ (‘Depart!’). But with the days passing, I’ve seen more impatient ones like ‘Irhal, my arm’s hurting’, ‘Irhal, I really need a shower’, ‘Irhal, I can’t find another joke’, ‘Irhal means leave’, and others….

“This revolution is so organic, so personal, so real, it has exploded reservoirs of creativity in everybody taking part.

“Each person coming to the square brings something: medical supplies for the field clinics which are still treating the people damaged by Mr Mubarak’s police and thug militias, blankets for the thousands spending the night, cartons of water, biscuits….

“Tahrir has become our civic space where leftists and liberals and Muslim Brotherhood discuss and sing and eat together….

“And one thing that Tahrir has already given us is a sense of who we are….

“People are actually articulating: ‘They said we were divided, extreme, ignorant, fanatic – well here we are: diverse, inclusive, hospitable, generous, sophisticated, creative and witty.’….

“This enormous revolution that is happening in our streets and our homes is the Egyptian people reclaiming their state, their heritage, their voice, their personality. Be with us.”

Tahrir photoCapturing the atmosphere in the Square after President Mubarak resigned:

“On Friday night, Egypt partied. Chants and songs and drums and joy-cries rang out from Alexandria to Aswan. The defunct regime was only mentioned in reference to ‘we want our money back’. Otherwise, three chants were dominant – and very telling: One – ‘Lift your head up high, you’re Egyptian’ – was a response to how humiliated, how hopeless we’d been made to feel over the last four decades.

“The second was: ‘We’ll get married, We’ll have kids,’ and reflected the hopes of the millions whose desperate need for jobs and homes had been driving them to risk their lives to illegally cross the sea to Europe or the desert to Libya.

“The third chant was: ‘Everyone who loves Egypt, come and rebuild Egypt.’ And on Saturday, they were as good as their word: they came and cleaned up after their revolution. Volunteers who arrived on Tahrir [Square] after mid-day found it spick and span, and started cleaning up other streets instead. I saw kids perched on the great lions of Qasr el-Nil Bridge buffing them up.

“I feel – and every parent will know what I mean – I feel that I need to keep my concentration trained on this baby, this newborn revolution – I need to hold it safe in my mind and my heart every second – until it grows and steadies a bit. Eighty million of us feel this way right now.” (Source: The Guardian, BBC, UK)

New York columnist Thomas Friedman describes the scenes in the Square:

“In Tahrir Square a bearded man is seen galloping up and down, literally screaming himself hoarse, saying: ‘I feel free! I feel free!’….

“Hosam Khalaf, an engineer, came to Tahrir Square with his wife and daughter for one reason: ‘When we meet God, we will at least be able to say: “We tried to do something.”...

“This is not a religious event here, and the Muslim Brotherhood is not running the show. This is an Egyptian event.… You see secular girls in fashionable dress sitting with veiled women. You see parents pushing their babies wearing ‘Mubarak must leave’ signs. You see students in jeans and peasants in robes. What unites all of them is a fierce desire to gain control of their future.

“I confess, as I walked through, my head had a wrestling match going on inside. My brain was telling me: ‘Sober up – remember, this is not a neighbourhood with happy endings. Only bad guys win here.’ And my eyes were telling me: ‘Just watch and take notes. This is something totally new.’” (Source: International Herald Tribune, New York Times, USA)

Tahrir people powerDr Ismail Serageldin, director of the Library of Alexandria, which was protected by a cordon of staff and demonstrators throughout the 18 days of protest, said:

“The moral power of non-violence was never more ably deployed for the cause of more freedom, more justice and to lay the foundations of better tomorrows…. In these 18 days that shook the world, men and women, young and old, Muslims and Christians, rich and poor came together as never before. The army never unleashed a volley against any of the millions of demonstrators. All melded together and showed the true mettle of ‘the people’….

“To the great youth of Egypt, the leaders of the Egyptian revolution of 25 January 2011, I salute you. And as we honour the memory of those who died, salute the sacrifice of the wounded and celebrate the resolve of those who stayed the course, let us create the new Egypt, guided by a vision of a caring society where, in keeping with the immortal words, there would be:

No politics without principle; No wealth without work; No commerce without morality; No pleasure without conscience; No education without character; No science without humanity.

“A vision where a people’s greatness is measured by the quality of the lives of their poorest citizens not by the size of their armies or the scale of their buildings. Yes! You have changed Egypt forever, and now we will follow your leadership and join with you in the task of creating the new Egypt.” (Source:, Egypt) [Note: The “immortal words” are a quotation from Mahatma Gandhi.

The scent of the Jasmine Revolution and the Egypt effect

An unprecedented surge of political protests and social unrest has swept across the authoritarian Arabic states since mid-December 2010.

The whole movement was triggered on 17 December by the public self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi, a young Tunisian, after the police had confiscated the goods he was trying to sell in the streets. A young graduate, Bouazizi was unable to find work in Tunisia despite his diploma, a common situation the youth face in this North African nation. He was reduced to selling whatever he could in the streets to earn his living and support his family. Overcome by despair he set himself alight and died later. This drama was the signal which sparked a huge movement of protests as thousands repeatedly rallied in the major cities of Tunisia to protest against the high cost of living, lack of decent jobs and prospects for the youth, and the authoritarian rule by President Ben Ali, a despot in power since 1987. Ben Ali was one of the coup instigators who deposed former charismatic political leader Habib Bourguiba whose state of health had become a serious hindrance to his ability to rule the country. From then on Ben Ali and his political party (CPD) ruled Tunisia, establishing a dictatorial regime, well known for its repressive political police, the muzzling of political opposition and control of the media.

Despite efforts by President Ben Ali to calm the uprising, such as the creation of 300,000 jobs and the dismissal of his government, the frustrated and angry population remained in the streets, confronting the police. Dozens of protesters were killed by the police but this did not stop the “Jasmine revolution” and the army sided with the population against President Ben Ali who was forced to flee the country to Saudi Arabia on 14 January. In the following days, pro Ben Ali militiamen tried to create havoc by attacking people but the population organized self-defence committees to protect themselves, using mobile phones to warn neighbours about dangers. An extraordinary chain of resistance and solidarity was created to help the army fight against the militiamen. Finally all members of the former government except the Prime Minister were forced to resign. Exiled former political opponents were allowed to come back to Tunisia and there is hope for a future democratic process to change the still autocratic constitution, so paving the way to the transition towards democracy.

The example of Tunisia has inspired people in Yemen, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Syria to express their similar discontent against autocratic governments. In Egypt, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of demonstrators achieved the overthrow of a repressive regime that had been in power for 30 years in just 18 remarkable days of mainly peaceful, fearless, persistent, thoughtful, dignified, pro-active protest. In so doing they have changed Arab Street for good, are rewriting the story of the Middle East and forcing the West to reassess its policies.

All over the Arab nations similar riots and demonstrations have shaken autocratic rulers. In Kuwait, as a preventive act, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah has asked the Parliament to pass a law to pay each of the 1.15 million native Kuwaitis a sum of 1,000 Dinars (USD 3,580) in cash, as well as a free supply of basic food until 12 March 2012.

In Jordan, King Abdullah II dismissed Prime Minister Samir Rifaï and his cabinet in the aftermath of demonstrations against the high prices of commodities such as food and fuel. Rifaï has been criticized for adopting liberal economic measures which have led to this rise in prices of basic commodities.

In Yemen, President Abdullah Al Saleh, aged 68, announced on 2 February that he would not be seeking a further term in 2013. He has also promised not to pass power to his son. However, tens of thousands of demonstrators walked the streets of Sanaa and in various cities of Yemen on 3 February demanding that the President leave immediately. The Associated Press news agency reported that troops beat some anti-government protesters. Inspired by the Egyptian uprising which toppled Hosni Mubarak, protesters chanted “After Mubarak, it’s Ali’s turn” and “A Yemeni revolution after the Egyptian revolution.”

In Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, in power since 1969, announced the cancellation of import duties and other taxes on all basic food and milk for children.

In Algeria, President Bouteflika, aged 73 and President of Algeria since 1999, claimed that he would very quickly remove the emergency state which has been in force since 1992.

Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa granted each Bahraini family the equivalent of nearly $2,700 in an apparent bid to calm tensions.

Everywhere in the Arab world, old autocratic leaders are being challenged by the determined will of the people, particularly the young technology-savvy generation, who claim their right for justice, both economic and political and demand their right to be heard and respected. (Source:;; Ouest France, France;

Christians and Muslims unite in Tahrir Square

During the pro-democracy demonstrations in Cairo, Egypt, Muslims and Christians in Tahrir (Liberation) Square protected each other, standing guard while the other community prayed. On Friday 4 February Coptic Christians joined hands to form a protective cordon around Muslims while they performed their Friday prayers. On Sunday 6 February hymns were sung in the square while Muslims formed a protective ring around them. “In the names of Jesus and Mohammad we unify our ranks”, said Reverent Ihab Al-Kharat in his sermon to the crowd. Some worshipers began to cry as the congregation sang “Bless our country, listen to the cries of our hearts”. After the service, the crowd of Muslims and Christians chanted “one hand” – meaning ‘we are one’ – and held up a Koran and a cross.”

The scene was all the more moving coming so soon after 23 Coptic Christians were killed by a bomb while attending a church service in Alexandria on New Year’s Eve 2010. (Source: New York Daily News, msnbc, USA; Reuters, UK)

Protecting the others' right to prayer

Christians protecting Muslims during their prayers in Tahrir on 2 February 2011, to prevent the police or pro-Mubarak supporters disrupting them. This way Christian people returned the favour after Muslims turned up to protect Coptic churches on their Christmas Mass after the Alexandria bombing.

Belgium – Mobilizing the people

Using their mobile phones and a Facebook campaign, a group of only five young people between 20 and 27 years old managed to get 40,000 people to gather on the streets of Brussels on 23 January 2011. The crowds demonstrated through the Belgian capital to demand that Flemish and Walloon politicians return to the negotiation table. Inspired by the Tunisian Jasmine revolution they created a page on Facebook and within one day they already had 1,600 colleagues ready to join. In the event, a crowd of 40,000 marched peacefully through the streets carrying a banner on which they had written “Shame”, demanding that rival political groups form a coalition after seven months without a government. The organizers also said the march was intended to promote solidarity between the country’s French and Dutch-speaking communities. Thomas Decreus, one of the organizers, said that the protest showed that “the people can act where politicians fail, i.e. working together across the language barrier”. (Source:; Ouest France, France)

Basta – enough!

Appropriately it was in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo (the People’s Square) that thousands of Italian women gathered on 13 February 2011 to protest against the denigration and limited role of women in Italian society and demand the resignation of their Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Public demand is growing for Mr Berlusconi to step down after allegations of the abuse of power and charges of sex with an under-age prostitute. Rallies took place in about 200 cities, from Naples to Venice, calling for ‘dignity’ and greater rights. Men also joined the marches. The event was organized by a non-partisan women’s group whose members describe themselves on their Facebook page as “neither desperate, nor housewives”.

“Women in this country are denigrated by the repeated, indecent and ostentatious representation of women as a sexual object on offer in newspapers, televisions and advertising,” said protest organizer Ida Poletto, a married hotel manager with two sons. “It’s intolerable.”

According to the World Economic Forum’s latest global gender gap report, Italy ranked 74th out of 134 countries surveyed – 33 places below Kazakhstan. It scored particularly badly on economic participation and opportunity. Less than half of Italian women have a job and the notion that they should not return to paid work after having a child is still widespread.

“We are asking all women to defend the value of our dignity, and we are asking men, if not now, when?” organizers said on the protest website. Marching through Naples, the mayor, Rosa Russo Iervolino, said: “The importance of this rally is in the common participation of men and women, young and old, intellectuals and workers.” (Source: Business Day, South Africa; Herald de Paris, France; BBC, UK)

Ban Ki-moon calls for a green revolution

DeforestationThe United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for “revolutionary action” to achieve sustainable development, at the January 2011 meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Warning that the past century’s heedless consumption of resources is “a global suicide pact” he said: “We are running out of time. Time to tackle climate change. Time to ensure sustainable, climate-resilient green growth. Time to generate a clean energy revolution.”

Calling sustainable development the growth agenda for the 21st century, he emphasized the folly of the methods used to fuel the economy in the last century: “We mined our way to growth. We burned our way to prosperity. We believed in consumption without consequences. Those days are gone. In the 21st century, supplies are running short and the global thermostat is running high. Climate change is also showing us that the old model is more than obsolete. It has rendered it extremely dangerous. Over time, that model is a recipe for national disaster. It is a global suicide pact.”

Addressing a meeting of political, financial and business leaders he said: “It may sound strange to speak of revolution, but that is what we need at this time. We need a revolution. Revolutionary thinking. Revolutionary action. A free market revolution for global sustainability.”

He continued: “It is easy to mouth the words ‘sustainable development,’ but to make it happen we have to be prepared to make major changes – in our lifestyles, our economic models, our social organization, and our political life. We have to connect the dots between climate change and what I might call here, WEF – ‘water, energy and food’ models, our social organization, and our political life.”

He called on business leaders to join the 11-year-old United Nations Global Compact, committing businesses to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally-accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and called on governments to send the right signals to build a green economy.

“Together, let us tear down the walls,” he declared. “The walls between the development agenda and the climate agenda. Between business, government and civil society. Between global security and global sustainability. It is good business – good politics – and good for society.

“In an odd way, what we are really talking about is going back to the future. The ancients saw no division between themselves and the natural world. They understood how to live in harmony with the world around them. It is time to recover that sense of living harmoniously for our economies and our societies. Not to go back to some imagined past, but to leap confidently into the future with cutting-edge technologies, the best science and entrepreneurship has to offer, to build a safer, cleaner, greener and more prosperous world for all. There is no time to waste.” (Source:


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