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TV interviews with Benjamin Creme

Transmission Meditation — interview with Rollin Olson, 1989

Benjamin Creme explains the purpose and practice of this simple yet potent service activity, performed by hundreds of groups, which is helping to transform our world and, at the same time, the individuals participating in it.
(duration 25:05)


The Emergence of the World Teacher — interview with Rollin Olson, 1990.

Benjamin Creme describes the imminent appearance of great spiritual teachers who will guide humanity out of the present chaos into an era of peace, social and economic justice, and global cooperation.
(duration 27:10)


Interview with Dennis Wholey on "America!", 1997

Benjamin Creme speaks about the Masters, the Ageless Wisdom teachings, how he became involved in this work, Maitreya's predictions (including the stockmarket crash), and sharing.
(duration 20:06)


Entering the 21st Century — interview with Dick Larson, 1996.

Benjamin Creme describes a future of hope and promise: new political and economic systems; reversing the trend of crime and drug abuse; education for life; solar energy and cold fusion; salvaging the environment; the inner quality of life.
(duration 27:18)


Discovering the Self — interview with Dick Larson, 1996.

Benjamin Creme discusses the meaning and practical application of the spiritual teachings of Maitreya, the World Teacher: honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit, and detachment — leading to Self-realization.
(duration 27:30)


A New Light on Age-old Questions — interview with Dick Larson, 1996.

Benjamin Creme reveals little-known facts about energies, the Seven Rays, consciousness, love, angels and more.
(duration 27:48)


Interview with Max Allen on "Ideas on Camera", October 1992

Benjamin Creme speaks about Maitreya, initial contacts with his Master, the Day of Declaration, the media's role, esotericism and the etheric planes of matter.
(duration 46:03)


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