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"A pictorial tour of crop circles and their landscapes"
A book review by Gill Fry

A review of Steve Alexander's and Karen Douglas' "Crop Circle Year Book, 1999", with photographs of the beautiful crop circles found in England. 

As regular readers of Share International will know, we have published, from time to time, Benjamin Creme's information about the crop circle phenomenon, which he claims to be the work of the Space Brothers from our nearest planets, mainly Mars and Venus. A new, beautifully-illustrated book about the crop circles has just been published. It is reviewed below. 

Over recent years, as crop circle formations in the UK have become more widespread and more intricate, media attention on the phenomenon has, ironically, diminished. Thankfully, enthusiasts are filling in the gaps that the media have left – and have been documenting the progress of this extraordinary happening.

In the newly-published Crop Circle Year Book 1999, Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas present a magnificent collection of crop circle photographs. Hiring a helicopter, they take aerial-photographs of the formations, thus ensuring that they capture the patterns at their best.

Even the most hardened sceptic will surely be impressed by the awesome formations displayed here.

Although the authors make no claims about the creators of the formations, Karen Douglas links the crop circles phenomenon with humanity's quest for a more spiritual life. She writes: "We stand dramatically on a threshold of a new millennium, perhaps a time for reflection and consolidation. In an age where it seems that commerce and technology are the measure of our modern  progress, it occurs to me that a new framework is needed whereby our advancement could be a philosophical and artistic pursuit, fused with our need for intellectual prowess and financial agendas. Many of us forget that as human beings we have a fundamental and continuous psychological need for an emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth in order that we may achieve true self fulfilment."

In the December 1997 issue of Share International Benjamin Creme explained how crop circles are formed: "The occupants of the UFOs visualize the shape they want to create. With their focused mind they decide the shape in any given circle – sometimes with extra additions, like √ęsecond thoughts'.

"They then bring their machines down to near the surface of the field. Using their technology, operated by their minds, the patterns are created. It is a combination of advanced technology and thought; the machinery responds to their thought. The whole process takes place in seconds, even for the most complex pattern."

This 25-page book shows each formation in full colour: the dramatic Wiltshire landscape and beautifully-coloured fields are visually stunning. Of the inventive patterns the authors write: "Many see the geometry of the circles as an important key to unravelling their meaning. The exceptional harmonies and proportions often displayed by the phenomenon can be seen to suggest certain principles and themes. 1999 saw an exceptional leap in design-innovation as we moved into 3-D shapes of the two-dimensional plane."

Also included is a source-directory with essential information for any budding crop-circle explorer, and a list of books and magazines for further reading. Even the most hardened sceptic would surely be impressed by the awesome formations displayed here – this unique book is highly recommended as a gift for family and friends.

Gill Fry is a Share International co-worker in London, UK.

From the January/February 2000 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005