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1997 crop circle highlights

A summary of some of the intricate crop circles which appeared in England, including report of a videotape showing UFO's in the process of creating one of them.  

The Milk Hill ëKoch* Fractal SnowFlake 2' was the grand finale of the 1997 circle season. It measured 200 feet (c.60 m) across, with a record 198 circles and 144 straight edges. The centres of each circle were uniquely laid. The outer perimeter was ëflipped upside-down into the center' to generate the border of the standing-crop pattern in the middle. ©1997 Ilyes

(*Koch (pronounced ëcoke') is the name of the mathematician who identified this sequence of fractal patterns. The first Koch Fractal Formation of 1997 arrived at Silbury Hill. It was identical to this one with two exceptions: its centre was entirely laid, and at the tip of each major point on the star there were only two satellite circles, not three as shown here.)


The photographs shown here, all from Wiltshire, depict a few of the most compelling crop circle formations to appear in England in 1997. Crop circles were discovered in England in 1981, and have occurred there annually since then in the late spring and summer months. Formations have also been found across Europe as well as in the US, Canada, Japan, and other countries.

The formations usually ëarrive' at night, within seconds, in fields of wheat, barley, canola (rapeseed), oats, alfalfa, sunflowers, or other vegetation. The plants are bent but not broken during the process of crop circle creation, and form intricately woven patterns on the ground, likened to ërivers' of grain.

Videotape of a crop circle

In August 1996, a short videotape was shot by John Wheyleigh, a young man camping out in southern England. The video appears to show the actual formation of a snowflake-shaped crop circle. Also seen are four rapidly moving balls of light whose presence seems connected to the creation of the crop circle. The videotape, which apparently provides long-sought-after evidence of the UFO-crop circle connection, has remained controversial in the crop circle community. Some crop circle researchers believe the tape was hoaxed. However, most of the professional video laboratories who have analysed the tape have confirmed that the footage is 'clean', and that it is quite unlikely that the tape was created or enhanced by computer.

The formations usually ëarrive' at night, within seconds, in fields of wheat, barley, canola (rapeseed), oats, alfalfa, sunflowers

In August 1997, a year after Wheyleigh's videotape was shot, Ilyes, the National Coordinator of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies in the US, spoke with two Czech crop circle researchers as they stood in the 'Koch Fractal 2' formation in Alton Barnes, England, on the morning the formation was discovered (see photograph). The Czech researchers, Zora and Prokop, said that early that morning they had seen three separate groups of balls of light pass over the site where the crop circle was later discovered.

The balls of light, as in John Wheyleigh's video footage, travelled very rapidly together, and their paths on each pass were identical. In addition, the Czechs reported hearing an unusual sound as the first set of balls of light were observed. John Wheyleigh reported a similar sound that awakened him, allowing him to tape the subsequent events. Ilyes believes the information provided by the Czechs constitutes the most important story to come out of the 1997 crop circle season, as it tends to lend credence to John Wheyleigh's videotape.

According to Benjamin Creme, the crop circle patterns, aside from the few hoaxes formed by people, are "created by our brothers of the nearest planets, Mars and Venus ... by the space vehicles that we call UFOs." More specifically, Creme says: "The occupants of the UFOs visualize the shape they want to create. With their focused mind they decide the shape in any given circle -- sometimes with extra additions, like 'second thoughts'. Then they bring their machines down to near the surface of the field. Using their technology, operated by their minds, the patterns are created. It is a combination of advanced technology and thought; the machinery responds to their thought. The whole process takes place in seconds, even for the most complex pattern."

The formations, Creme says, "are part of a process of energization of the Earth, and are duplicating on the physical plane many of the vortices of the network of magnetic energy which surrounds the Earth. These formations will become 'batteries of energy' for humanity in connection with a new energy source, part of the science of light which lies just ahead for humanity." (See Maitreya's Mission, Volume Three, p334, and Share International, December 1997, p27.)

For more information, or to report a crop circle, contact Centre for Crop Circle Studies/US Network, PO Box 900, Tenino, WA 98589, USA; Phone/fax: 362-264-4544.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005