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Appearances and visions

Meeting Maitreya - FAQ


Q. What does Maitreya look like when He appears?

A. Almost weekly, Maitreya appears miraculously ëout of the blue' at fundamentalist, orthodox religious meetings around the world, always in a form that the group can recognize – if they are Hindus, as the people's idea of what Krishna will look like; if Jews, as their idea of the Messiah; if they are Muslims, as their idea of the Prophet, the Imam Mahdi or the Messiah; if Buddhists, their idea of Maitreya Buddha.  He can change His appearance at will. He can be old or young, man or woman, fair or dark. In this way, everyone can identify with Him. He speaks to the gatherings in their own language, and then disappears again. He appeared in this way in June 1988 in Nairobi, Kenya,
before 6,000 people who recognized Him as the Christ. The event, through photographs, was seen on CNN and BBC television and other world media.

Q. I am concerned about all the various guises that Maitreya appears as (when reported in your ëLetters to the Editor' of Share International). Sometimes he is dark and at other times he is fair. Sometimes he is Asian, sometimes American. Sometimes as male, female, young, old, etc. Perhaps we have all seen Maitreya already, but did not realize it was him. (1) Will it always be like this – even after Declaration Day? or (2) will he take a definable and consistent form such as in the Nairobi picture?

A. (1) No. (2) Yes.

Q. Presumably He does not need sleep  –  surely, those with whom He lives must realize that while in one way He truly is a man of the people, He is in no way ordinary? Do they know that He is the Christ, or the Mahdi? Are they sworn to secrecy, for the present?

A. Those with whom He lives know who He is and are sworn to secrecy. They are close disciples.

Q. Does Maitreya eat food? Is He vegetarian? If so, what is His diet? Does He consume any alcohol?

A. Maitreya does not need to eat but can do so if required to for social purposes. In that case he would eat only vegetarian food in small amounts. He never drinks alcohol.

Q. Does He heal? Has He gained a reputation as a healer?

A. He performs healing all the time, but He is not known as a healer. None of the healing He carries out would call any attention to Him. It is as unsensational as possible. The people healed do not even realize, necessarily, that they are receiving healing from Him. He visits the sick in the hospital. While there, He heals others in the hospital without anyone being aware of it at all.

Q. Does Maitreya need to be in seclusion or undisturbed meditation when sending His blessing through you? If so, do His close co-workers or disciples cooperate in ensuring this?

A. No, absolutely not. He can divide His consciousness into thousands of separate areas of attention and probably only a minuscule part of His consciousness is used to overshadow me.

Q. Does Maitreya always wear the little Moslem crochet cap which the journalist described? What clothes does He wear?

A. No. He varies His headgear and clothes to suit the occasion, sometimes Moslem, sometimes Western. I understand He frequently wears ëlocal' Moslem costume.

Q. You have said that He has played various musical instruments at Asian concerts and meetings. Which instruments does He play? 

A. He occasionally plays at gatherings but is not a professional musician. He plays the flute, tabla, vina and several other instruments.

Q. Are the close disciples He lives with known to those who have studied the teachings?

A. No.

Q. Why is Maitreya  in an Indian body?

A. He is not in an Indian body. He has lived in the Himalayas for thousands of years and has really no nationality. The body in which He now appears is self-created - as a thought-form of Himself - and is not specifically Indian, although he does live in the Asian community in London, and came through Pakistan to London.

Q. Does the He ever record His instructions by His own handwriting or His own voice ?

A. No. His ëëinstructions'' go only to the higher initiates and the normal mode of contact between them is telepathy.

Q. How are we to know for certain that Lord Maitreya is not the false Christ?

A. There is not only one ëfalse Christ.' There are several well-known teachers who believe themselves, or are believed by their followers, to be the Christ, and from my personal experience alone I know scores of deluded people who are convinced that they are the Christ. Discrimination and Spiritual Recognition are the key. I suggest that on the Day of Declaration, by the over-shadowing and telepathic rapport which He will establish with all humanity simultaneously, you will have no doubts about His true status. A tree is known by its fruit and it is by His love, wisdom, spiritual potency and work for humanity that you will recognize Maitreya and know Him for what He is.



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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005