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The reality and work of the Space Brothers

Interview with British author and editor of Share International magazine Benjamin Creme by Janez Ferjancic.

Janez Ferjancic: Before you were engaged in the Reappearance work you were connected with UFOs in the 1950s. You knew George Adamski personally. Could you explain how it all started, and what were your experiences with UFOs?

Benjamin Creme: I first read about UFOs in Flying Saucers have Landed, a book in which George Adamski wrote, in the last chapter, his experience of meeting a Venusian in the Arizona desert. The book itself was not by Adamski but by an Englishman, Desmond Leslie. It was the history of flying saucers over many ages, in different parts of the world. It was research – historical, speculative to some degree, and it finished with Adamski's actual experience.

Next I read Inside the Spaceships by Adamski, in which he was taken up in a spaceship, a saucer, onto what is called a mothership. This mothership was Venusian, and he had long conversations with the Venusian Master who, I think, was the Master of the ship, the chief person on board. In any case He was a Venusian Master.

These were very interesting conversations, and so for me the UFO phenomenon was more to do with the purpose, the meaning behind the flying saucers as they were called, than the phenomenon itself. The fact that people from other planets – some people think other solar systems but my information is that they come from other planets of our system – were concerned enough to visit this planet was interesting, but the nature of their concern was much more interesting. Their concern was that we should not destroy ourselves. That we should change our way of life, our way of organizing our world, not to destroy the world from an ecological point of view, and not to destroy each other in a war using nuclear weapons. It was a philosophical, spiritual discourse which he had with the Venusian Master, and that is what really impressed me about the book.

When I first heard about UFOs it was in 1947 or 1948, perhaps 1945, when a few reports appeared in our newspapers that a passenger plane had come close to what we call UFOs. The pilot would report it, the people in the plane would see it happening. They would see these round, disk-shaped objects, sometimes quite close to the aircraft, flying alongside, either one or many. It happened quite frequently but not every day – or rather you did not hear about it every day. These reports were spaced out over a period of time.


UFO over Voronezj, Russia

The first time I heard or read anything about them, before I read the Adamski book, I believed they were probably either American or Russian special planes that they were experimenting with, which were built on an entirely different system, not like normal airplanes; they were round, saucer shaped, and so we called them flying saucers. I thought at first that they were secret planes, experimental flying objects of Russia or America, or both, until I read the Adamski book, and then it became clear that there was something else going on, that they were perhaps from elsewhere.

Then, in the beginning of January 1959, I was contacted by one of the Masters of our Spiritual Hierarchy and my work began – I have talked and written about it elsewhere. The work was with the Space Brothers, the people using the UFOs, and my Master acted as the liaison between us, so to speak. To me, the two became identified; the fact of having read Adamski left me very open to the possibility, although I had not thought very much about it. But I was immediately introduced to the flying phenomena and I was part of a group, of which Adamski was one, which met only out of the body. To the outer world, we worked secretly, but to ourselves there was no secret – we recognized each other and we were part of a committee and did certain work which was assigned to us which was all to do with the UFO phenomenon.

In my experience, what we call UFOs, the flying saucers, come from the planets of our own system. Not from the Pleiades, or Sirius or somewhere outside our solar system, but from, mainly, Mars and Venus. A few other planets like Jupiter and Mercury are involved, but the vast majority of sightings of the UFOs come from Mars and Venus. Practically all of them are made on Mars, even the Venusian ones. They are Venusian in design, and they are quite distinct, different in design and technology, but they are actually constructed on Mars. And they are all constructed by thought.

The people in physical bodies on Mars and Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and so on are not at the same level or vibration of physicality that we experience. We know only three aspects of the physical: solid physical, liquid physical and gaseous physical. Above gas there are still four further levels of physical matter which so far have not been discovered on this planet. When they are discovered we will understand a great deal more about the nature and origin of disease, the purpose of life on this planet and of the reality of life on other planets.

The beings on Mars and Venus and the other planets are on the four higher levels of the physical. If you went to Mars or Venus you would see no one, but nevertheless they are in physical matter, and have bodies made of that subtle, finer physical matter to which we give the term ëetheric'. We ourselves have bodies of dense physical, liquid physical, gaseous physical and the four etheric physical planes – but we have not yet discovered the latter.

They have been demonstrated to exist by the great scientist and psychologist Wilhelm Reich, who was a colleague and one-time assistant of Freud. He died in an American prison in 1957. He was arrested for purporting to treat diseases with instruments which he claimed (correctly) attracted matter from the etheric planes, which he called orgone energy. He saw it as one vast plane of orgone energy, which he saw, rightly, as being everywhere in the universe, substanding the outer solid physical plane. Esotericists understand the etheric plane as four planes, becoming finer and finer as they go higher. The fourth etheric is just above gas, and is invisible unless you have etheric vision. The reality of this etheric energy, of what he called ìorgone energyî, was demonstrated palpably by Wilhelm Reich in various simple experiments. Nevertheless, he was arrested because he used instruments which he called the ìorgone accumulatorî, boxes which accumulated the etheric energy of some levels, usually the two lower levels, the fourth and the third etheric, to treat diseases including cancer and various other diseases. In America that was deemed illegal. The Food and Drug Administration arrested him, refused to allow him to prove his work, and he died in prison.

Unless one understands the reality of the etheric levels of energy as finer, subtler, levels of matter, one cannot begin to understand the UFO phenomenon, and one cannot understand the creation of crop circles – because they are all related. The crop circles are created by people, mainly from Mars and Venus, with a few exceptions from other planets. The vast majority of them are Martian, some Venusian, and they are all over the world. Crop circles are mainly in the south of England, but they have been seen in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Peru – all over the world to a greater or lesser degree. Our planet, like all planets, has a magnetic field; its magnetic energy travels in lines and criss-crosses, and where these lines cross is formed, eventually, a vortex, a force centre. The space people, in making the crop circles, are replicating on the dense-physical plane these magnetic vortices in our planetary magnetic field. So there is the planetary magnetic field on its own level, and then a physical plane counterpart of that, which is being replicated by the space people who are manning the UFOs, and creating the crop circles.

                               photo: © Steve Alexander / Karen Douglas

Crop circle in Giant's Grave, Oare, Wiltshire, UK

JF: Why are they doing this?

BC: They do this in order to make the foundation on the physical plane for a new type of energy, a new type of technology using that energy, which eventually will be developed on this planet. It is a gift for this coming time, the New Age which we are entering, which we call the Age of Aquarius, a time in which tremendous new discoveries in the use of the energy of the planet and of the sun will be found and adapted. This will entirely change our way of life on this planet, and will lead to a control of universal energy such as we cannot begin to imagine.

In the next 2,500 years we will reach a stage where we can travel around our solar system at will, and out into the galaxy, exploring first our own solar system and then the vast galactic area, using energy which does not work within the time/space reality. So that distance is annihilated, time is annihilated. People think that if you are going to send something into the galaxy, it will take hundreds of years, the people would die before they could reach anywhere that was worth going to, and they would never return. It is not true. People come from Mars and Venus, which are not so far away, but they are still a long way away by our reckoning of distance, but they come here in minutes. It does not take time, once you understand that time does not exist and that the space which you thought you have to cover to get from one place to another does not exist either, and in minutes you can travel vast distances in space.

JF: Why did they choose crops for showing these patterns?

BC: Crop circles are used because they are seasonal. You only have crops for a short time in the summer and autumn, and then they are cut down, and you do not see the crop circles. Then they will grow up again next year, and the crop circles appear in the same places, because they are recreated each time in the exact same point, so that the energy is put in that field, or whatever. If put where all the energy is put, crop circles would be, literally, all over the world, including in the sea, on mountains and in rocks where nothing is growing. They are allowed to be seen, made real as a crop circle, as designs in corn, because it is seasonal; then it is cut down. This is a tangential way, without infringing our free will, of telling the people of Earth that the Space Brothers, as I call them, the people from other planets like Mars and Venus, are here, are part of a system, and they work in a systemic way, not just as separate planets. They are helping this planet to develop the technology of the future, and also to make known, without being too strong about it, that they are here, that they are aware of us, that they are helping us, that they have a very spiritual intention in coming here, and that they are 100 per cent friendly and harmless.

JF: It is very difficult to believe in the true nature of the crop circles, because there are so many hoaxes. Could you tell me what percentage of crop circles are genuine and how many are hoaxes? And why are people doing this?

BC: There are, of course, some hoaxes. These hoaxes are a tiny minority, perhaps 4 per cent, of the real and authentic crop circles which appear all over the world. The ratio of hoaxes to authentic ones varies from country to country. In this country (UK) – because we have had so many crop circles and for so long – they are probably a bigger percentage than elsewhere. If you have more crop circles, you have more hoaxes. And in other parts of the world perhaps there is not such a conscious involvement of people with the crop circles, so they do not take the trouble to make them. To make a crop circle is hard work, and they are usually very obvious and very clumsy and badly made. How anyone can mistake a hoax for a real crop circle – if they visit the actual crop circles – astonishes me, because they are so perfectly made when they are authentic. They are made in seconds by the people using the space vehicle. First of all they think of a design, decide what the design will be. It may be very simple, and if you follow the sequence of crop circles, you see that they become more and more elaborate, more complex, as the years go on. First, for variety, and secondly, to show a complexity and a degree of ingenuity and design which would be beyond the range of any hoaxer. The hoaxes are usually very elementary, rather badly made. Why are they made? I would say, for two reasons. One reason is that they are made by people who are paid to make hoaxes. Newspapers, for example, do from time to time put up money and employ, say, a group of university students who have worked out a way in which you can make a crop circle of a kind, a rather simplistic kind, but that would convince a journalist. Journalists know no more about crop circles than anybody else, than the average man in the street, and yet they come along with their cameras and look at it, and they say: ìYes, it is a crop circle, a real authentic crop circle, how wonderful!î, and then Jeff and Peter, or Willy and Robert, come up and say: ìNo, we made it, yesterday, we made it! The Daily Mail or The Sun paid us £2,000 to make this crop circle, we can prove it. This is a complete hoax, they are all hoaxes.î It is a way of diminishing the value and the reality of the crop circles.

Also, I know for certain, that the Ministry of Defence in this country pays money to the farmers to cut down the crop circles if they appear in their corn. Some of them, of course, go ahead and as soon as a circle appears they cut it down. Even if the corn is not ripe and they would not normally cut down that area of corn for perhaps a few weeks or a month. And so you get fields with a great hole in the middle of the corn, which is where there has been a crop circle deliberately destroyed by the farmer – paid by the Ministry of Defence.

JF: A crop circle appeared one week ago in Winchester which is quite elaborate – a three-dimensional picture of a Hollywood-style head of an alien. You said that it was man-made which astonishes me, because you can't really recognize it from the ground. How can an ordinary person actually distinguish what is genuine and what not?

BC: It is difficult for people who have not studied the subject, who are not to some degree well acquainted with the subject, to tell the difference between a true, authentic crop circle, made by a spaceship from Mars or Venus, and one that is just a fake. But if you have been looking at them over a period of time, and realized the differences, you can see instantly that this is a fake and this is authentic, they are very clear cut. I saw the Winchester photograph: there is a circle in which the spaces are divided into squares in both ways, it makes a kind of a cake, but decorated in squares, and near it a head, a kind of alien, imaginary alien's head. A head which is used every time a comic artist wants to design a spaceman, he gives him that kind of a head – rather like the head of E.T. That to me is a complete fake. It has nothing to do with the crop circle beside it, which is authentic.

This is done for one or other of those reasons, simply, that people like to play pranks, they like to destroy evidence, they like to be cleverer than those who are making the crop circles – until the public and the media cannot make head or tail of the whole thing. It destroys the validity of the whole crop circle phenomenon.

If you cannot tell the difference between a fake one and an authentic one, then the authentic ones lose validity. Not ultimately, but for the present time. Until it is proved that crop circles are, indeed, made by UFOs from Mars and Venus. The number of fakes is really very small, because they are difficult to do, they take time and energy, and people who are going to spend that time and energy to do it either have an overdeveloped sense of humour – they see it as a great joke – or else, they are being paid to do it. Both things happen.

JF: Just to get it clear about that Winchester crop circle: the disk is genuine?

BC: For the one I saw in the newspaper, the actual circle is a genuine one, and the head of an ëE.T.' is not authentic, but is a man-made one to nullify the validity of the other.

JF: The crop circle phenomenon started to appear in the late 1970s, but even before, in the 15th or 16th centuries, people knew about them. Why are they appearing in such numbers now, and why mainly, as it seems, in the UK?

BC: The number of crop circles is increasing all over the world. They have always been there, but only in small numbers. They are increasing because the plan of the Space Brothers – in relation to the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet – is to speed up the creation of this magnetic field of energy on the physical plane on the Earth to do with the coming technology. Why now? Because the whole process is speeding up. Because our own Spiritual Hierarchy, the Masters and high initiates of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet, are returning to the everyday world.

They have not been out of the world, but They have been hidden away in the mountains and deserts of the world for thousands and thousands of years. They have been working behind the scenes but now They are externalizing Their work and are beginning to appear. Already, to my knowledge, there are 14 Masters living openly as men in the world, and the Master of all the Masters, the World Teacher, the Lord Maitreya, as He is named in the Spiritual Hierarchy, the One Christians call the Christ. The reason so many crop circles appear in southern England is because Maitreya lives in London, His ëpoint of focus' in the modern world. They are meant, subtly, to allude to that fact.

photo: © Steve Alexander

Crop circle at Waden Hill, Wiltshire, UK, 21 June 2003

JF: Will this process keep increasing? Are we going to make closer contacts with UFOs?

BC: The Hierarchies of all the planets are in communication. This is something which people should understand. They themselves do not have that communication but Hierarchy does. The Hierarchy is made up of Masters of different levels and of disciples of even more varied levels. And from all these disciples, all these different grades of initiates, some of them may be part of groups who have been working with the Space Brothers. The Space Brothers have on this planet various people, like Adamski and others, who are used to bring the reality of the Space Brothers to the world, but also for other reasons, which I cannot go into; there are various aspects of this work which must be kept secret, for the time being at least. They have a great work in salvaging, in helping to restore the equilibrium of our planet, in particular to nullify to some extent – within the karmic law – the pollution of our planet. But for their work in purifying our atmosphere, mopping up with implosion devices the nuclear radiation which we pour into the atmosphere from our nuclear reactors and experimentation, this world would be infinitely more painful to live in.

JF: You mentioned that there are different individuals who work together with UFOs on different projects. There is an interesting project in America, conducted by Dr Steven Greer called the ëDisclosure Project'. Could you comment on this?

BC: Dr Greer is doing a useful thing. He is not working – so far as I know – with the Space Brothers but he is impatient with the fact that there is masses of evidence to prove that UFOs exist. Not proof of where they come from, or their purpose, but that they are real, do, in fact, exist. They have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people for years, and yet the governments of the world, most of whom have adequate data on their existence, refuse to make that known.

There is a huge cover-up, from the highest levels, in America, Russia, Britain, the European and various other countries who have been collecting data, evidence from their pilots, policemen, soldiers, from the public for years and years. This amounts to a huge body of evidence which is never published, is never made known, is covered up. People disappear even, in certain parts of the world, and nothing more is heard of them. There is sometimes coverage by media to discredit the evidence, and so on. In this way the governments control what the public knows, or rather does not know, about the Space Brothers and the UFO phenomenon. In this way they can keep it down.

Dr Greer is impatient with this, he has himself experience of UFOs and wanted to make it known. He has set up a means for other people – ex-army, ex-RAF or ex-United States Air force personnel – to come forward and give their evidence. When people of their standing and experience give evidence in this public way, they hope it will lead to a general, better understanding and maybe eventually an open statement by the governments of the world.

Of course, when governments make such a statement about their knowledge, they are also at the same time committing political suicide. They think that if we know the technology that the Space Brothers have, which is so much more advanced than our own, then the ideas, the wisdom of these people (if it is possible to have at our service), is much more to be valued than that of our own governments. These governments do nothing but make war on each other, in competition destroy the economies of each other, and make life miserable for hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. Inevitably, we will say we want the Space Brothers to come and teach us their ways, we do not need you, Mr so-and-so and Mr so-and-so. They can see that as a loss of their power, and so they keep the whole thing dark.

JF: Do you think Dr Greer will succeed with his initiative? Will governments come forward?

BC: The governments will only act when they are forced to do it. When Maitreya is known openly. Maitreya is the World Teacher, the head of our own planetary Hierarchy, Who are beginning to return to the everyday world. When They are known, when Maitreya is known, He will be asked questions like I am being asked now, and the truth of the relationship between this planet and the other planets will become known. Then the people from other planets will land and the reality of their existence will be known.

We have to understand that these ships and the people in these ships are in etheric matter, which is matter, but subtler than our physical matter. We, also, have the subtle matter in our etheric framework – of which the physical is only a precipitation, downwards – but we do not see it, and so for us it is non-existent. The Space Brothers can lower the vibrational rate of that etheric matter until it comes within our range of vision, so that we see the spaceships. But that is a temporary manifestation. When the Space Brothers live – and some do – on this Earth, they have to make, or take, Earth bodies to do so.

In the first place, the knowledge, the acceptance of the reality of the Space Brothers, will come through the acceptance of Maitreya and the Masters of our Spiritual Hierarchy. They will confirm that the Space Brothers are real, that the spaceships are real, that the other planets have their citizens who have nothing but goodwill, who are harmless, who want to help each other and do help each other, and who help this planet in so far as the law of karma allows. When we accept them and see what they are doing and how they are helping us, then the development of this planet will go forward tremendously fast.

JF: There are so called abductions and cattle mutilations. Should one take them seriously? What is this in relation to UFOs?

BC: The question of abductions and cattle mutilations is part of the general cover-up. They are a way of invalidating the harmlessness of the Space Brothers and making people afraid of the Space Brothers. The Space Brothers know nothing of harm and mean no harm for this planet. If they had, they could have destroyed this planet long ago. No one is ever abducted in a spaceship. These cattle mutilations are deliberately made as cover-ups – to put the blame on the Space Brothers and therefore to make people afraid of them. The whole thing is a plot against this enormously important and enormously serious interchange between the planets, to keep power for a limited number of people on this planet. It will be, as I say, only for a limited time until the Hierarchy of Masters is known and accepted, until Maitreya is known and accepted, and then the reality of the UFOs will come out.

Those who say they are abducted have experiences of an astral-emotional nature in which they imagine that they are in spaceships. Nobody is ever taken up in a spaceship in a physical body. It is impossible. These spaceships are not solid physical. To be taken up into a spaceship you have to be taken out of the dense physical body and you go in the etheric into the spaceship, which are in themselves etheric. It is still physical, but etheric physical.

Now, people say they are taken up and experimented on, things are put into their skin and so on. The Space Brothers know all about us, they do not need to do this. To me it is a nonsense, because they are so advanced in every way that they do not need to make any kind of experiment. They know the answers already. It is a complete nonsense that they should carry out genetic or sexual experimentation on people from this planet when they have a technology which is several thousand years ahead of anything that we could think of today. It is stupid, it is a blind, a deliberate way of attacking the concept of wise and superior, spiritually-oriented people. In this way, the people in control in, or even behind, the governments of the world, retain their control.

JF: Could you say a few words on the energy in crop circles? Is it good to stay in a crop circle for healing, for example?

BC: The crop circles are made by energy. The people in the spaceship form a design in their mind, simple or complex, and then, with a combination of technology and thought, that design is created in the crop.

They always use a universal system based on ë9', rather than ë10', which we will adopt in the future. When we understand the nature of the mathematical ratios in the true sense, we will begin to understand the crop circle better. Many people think crop circles are ideograms – which they are not. They are not giving us ideas, encapsulating ideas. They are designs, carried out to a certain formula, and the formula is universal. That is what they are reiterating over and over again in these designs.

In every case there is an energy which is embedded in the ground, in the water, etc, wherever the crop circle is made. You must understand that the crop circles are only external visible points where these vortices occur, but these occur all over the world, even where there are no crops. So there are thousands and thousands of these energy spots, vortices, created by the Space Brothers. When they make a circle in a crop you see it; when they make it in the ocean you do not see it, but it is there, too.

In this way they are forming a magnetic grid which will be a source of energy on the physical plane, like storage tanks of energy. So it will draw energy from our own magnetic plane, but using it on the physical plane in the technology which is coming. In using energy from the sun in relation to this magnetic energy we will do wonders in healing, in transport and many other ways; all our energy needs will be met.

If you go to a crop circle and you are sensitive to the energy, you will find, if you are in one made by a Venusian spaceship, that it will be quite distinct from that in a crop circle made by a Martian spaceship. If it is made by a Mercury or Jupiterian spaceship it will be different again.

These energies are different and they can have a healing quality. People spending a little time in a crop circle feel the energy, which is often of a healing nature and does heal. I would not recommend spending a lot of time in a crop circle, because one can be overcharged by the energy. Especially Venusian energy, which is very high in vibration. So I recommend care in spending time in crop circles. Spend maybe five or 10 minutes in it, but not sitting for a couple of hours talking with people, and so on. People do this, and then wonder why they are so overcharged.

JF: On 20 June 2000, there was the first crop circle in Slovenia. The media reported it, and your Master confirmed it was genuine. Could you say whether it was made by a Martian or Venusian spaceship?

BC: It was Martian.

JF: Were there any more in Slovenia, which we didn't recognize?

BC: One more in August in the same year.

JF: Tomorrow I have an interview with a Second World War veteran, who was in the Royal Air Force. He had many UFO sightings during the war. He was in the RAF. There was this phenomenon of so called ìballs of lightî, foo-fighters, accompanying the aircrafts which were going to bombard Germany. Pilots thought those lights were secret weapons of the Germans. But German pilots saw the very same lights when they came to England, and thought it was the secret weapon of the English. Could you explain what these lights were?

BC: All the space vehicles have listening devices, which may be two or two-and-a-half feet in diameter, and they can be directed from the spaceship itself, which might be – if it is the usual scout ship – 30 feet in diameter. These are sent down and connected energetically with the mothership, and they have instruments which can read the reports which are fed into very advanced computers. Our computers are ancient, backward things compared with the technology they have; these pick up data on everything: the quality of the air, the thoughts and ideas of individuals, if necessary. They may hover outside a room here and listen to this conversation, for example. Following an aircraft, they cannot be shot down – they have a forcefield round them. The spaceships, too, cannot be shot down, they also have a forcefield round them. They have often been fired at by fighter planes sent up to intercept them but there is no way the rounds can penetrate the forcefield of the ship, so it is a waste of time and energy. That is just Earth stupidity. We are a very stupid planet. We are a backward, dark planet whose people know nothing, believe nothing and understand nothing. But that is all going to change because the Hierarchy of Masters are coming back into the world. Some are already here, including the Master of all the Masters, Maitreya Himself, Who will be the first to become known. His mission begins in the very near future. This will throw a completely new light on the reality of life.

These foo-fighters do a job – I cannot tell you what the job is in every single case, it will vary from time to time. The spaceships have implosion devices which have usually a red light, and which are used to nullify or neutralize nuclear radiation on the Earth. They use different devices for different purposes, but very common are the small disks for carrying information. I have seen them. I have ducked as they come so close! They do not mean any harm, it is just a kind of ìhelloî.

JF: Many people see these balls of light, also where crop circles have appeared. There is a famous UK video from 1996 by John Wheatleigh. Your Master confirmed that the video was genuine, but later it was discovered that there were some strange things with this video; the light, when the video was shot, was strange as the sun was on the other side. Also the man who shot the video disappeared. Could you say a few words about the video?

BC: I do not know about that. I have not heard the evidence against the video, so I cannot really comment on this. All I can say is that the video is real. These lights which were seen were deliberately shown. The crop circle was made by the spaceship in seconds. Then these lights were put out to show that they were there, to draw attention to the fact that they had made the crop circle, to connect it with the UFO and so make it real, that it was not a mystery. Because if you just have a crop circle, or you are waiting for the appearance of a craft to make a crop circle and you do not see the craft, then there is a crop circle but you have no feedback on it. When you have lights, you do not know whether the lights or the UFO made the circle, but there is a connection between them, because no one has ever explained the lights which hovered over the ground.

I do not know whether the criticism is valid; it may be from a technical point of view, but it cannot be from the actual, factual point of view, because it happened, the crop circle appeared.

JF: In conclusion, do you think that without Maitreya we won't see UFOs becoming public knowledge?

BC: Well, it is not the way I would put that. I would not say that without Maitreya we would not see it, but that with Maitreya we will see it. The fact that Maitreya is here – I know with absolute certainty that Maitreya is here, living here in London where I am talking now – will guarantee that the fact of our Space Brothers becomes known. He will begin His open mission very soon indeed. The world will gradually come to understand Who He is and what His mission is, and when they accept Him, then, of course, they will accept what He says about the Space Brothers and the UFOs. Then there will be an open interchange between them and us.

Janez Ferjancic is a Share International co-worker from Slovenia.

From the July/August 2004 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005