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The Third World and Latin America
Interview with the Master –, through Benjamin Creme
by Patricia Pitchon 

In the November [1989] issue of Share International, we published an article from Patricia Pitchon in which Benjamin Creme's Master answered questions on the international drugs problem. Towards the end of May 1988, when Patricia Pitchon prepared an article to be published in Latin America, Mr Creme's Master kindly granted an interview on Third World and South American matters. We publish this interview now for the first time. 

New relationships A new relationship will be built between the Third World and the developed world in which the latter will become protectors, Ć«older brothers', responsible for their general wellbeing.

The debt problem – The debt problem will be solved by the release of the Third World from the responsibility of debt repayments. The debts will be cancelled. Third World countries must shoulder some responsibility first, in order to bring this about, and, second, to work for their own benefit. Redistribution of the world's goods and resources – The world stock market crash will bring this about. It will reorientate the governments of all countries towards a more equitable redistribution of food, housing, health care and education, which as universal rights will become the priorities of all governments.

The Third World debt will be repaid by a decrease in arms production. (Mr Creme added: in Latin America there is an ambivalent attitude to loans. There is a desire to receive them and a resentment about having to receive them. This leads to an ambivalent attitude about its use. In every case governments have brought into effect the adjustments and conditions imposed by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund which benefit the middle classes, but the poor in every case suffer.)

Reconstruction – According to the Master, reconstruction is inevitable. In the stock market crash, the big tycoons are going to lose. They will not be in a position to dominate. When they have lost their money, they will be displaced.

Transformation – Within approximately the next five years, a transformation will take place in Latin America. A process of democratic consensus will unfold in almost every country. Consensus will develop from the grassroots up. The voice of the people will be heard. Land will be redistributed and given to the people. It will become very difficult for governments to maintain a reactionary position. This process (of profound transformation) will get under way within the next few years first in Argentina, then in Brazil, and soon after in countries like Peru and Colombia. In Colombia, there is a possibility of either total conflagration or transformation. The Master is more than hopeful that Colombia will choose the path of transformation. In El Salvador, eventually common sense will prevail, because neither side can win. The various parties in the conflict will work out an agreement which will include provisions for human rights guarantees and a viable standard of living for the poor. In Mexico, the difficulty is that the United States leans heavily on it, and the country is in a bad way. It should get together with other indebted countries and refuse to pay the debt. The burden is too heavy to allow development.

The Catholic Church – Unlikely as it may seem to some, the Catholic Church will become even more important in the life of the people as a result of purification of church structure, doctrine and dogmas. People will gather to it in the light of the new dispensation which the presence of the Christ and the Master Jesus will reveal. A spiritual renaissance will take place in South America. Many who are associated with the Church have defended the people and died for the people.

Jesus – The Master Jesus will go to America. He works with a number of Masters. In South America there are three Masters who work with Him. They will be very active in reorganizing the Church along truly spiritual lines. This will galvanize the people and bring them into the church, the streets, the factories, on an equal footing. The will of the people will prevail in all three. There are those who recognize the Christ in Jesus now. Many have recognized the quality of the Christ in Maitreya and are looking for His early return.

Manifestations of the Virgin Mary – According to the Master, there are two kinds of manifestations:

1) Those created by the Master who was the Madonna, which are always beneficial, always hopeful, and always seen by more than one person. 2) The second type are thought forms created by a few religious, hypersensitive, or hysterical persons. These are almost always fearful, often warn of catastrophes, and are seen only by the person involved. South American Masters – There are three Masters on the physical plane in South America: one in northern South America, one in Central America and one in the southern part of South America.

A group of initiates and disciples who are with them are working within the Church, throughout South America. Their role is to interpret the thoughts and purposes of the Masters and the Christ to the people of Latin America. What they have to say is not orthodox Christianity. The Church will prevail, but it will be transformed. When Maitreya declares Himself to the world, He will introduce a group of Masters, including Jesus. Through His disciples, the teaching will be explained. The people will respond.

 From the December 1989 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005