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A vision of the future – a compilation

As war, suffering and crises dominate our thoughts, it is useful to keep in mind the future which Maitreya and the Masters envision for humanity. 

As the world witnesses war and its impact, while we are confronted with the ongoing suffering of millions of poor, starving and dispossessed, Share International presents in contrast, a vision of ìa future bathed in lightî.

In His article ëThe brightest future', Benjamin Creme's Master advises: ìAs [people] search for answers to their problems they will find Maitreya and His Group ready to respond, ready to guide men away from danger and further folly. They have the answers which thus far have eluded men, the answers which alone will assure the future, the brightest possible future, for the race of men.î

We present a selection of quotations on a vision of the future from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ), Benjamin Creme's Master (A Master Speaks) and Benjamin Creme's writings.


My friends, My children, I am here to show you that there exists for man a most marvellous future. Decked in all the colours of the rainbow, glowing with the Light of God, man, one day, will stand upright in his divinity. This I promise you. (Maitreya, from Message No.4)


Imagine then a future where no man lacks for aught. Where the talents and creativity of all men demonstrate their divine origin. Where war has no place in their thoughts and where goodwill casts its benevolent net over the hearts and minds of all. (The Master –, from ëThe Blueprint of the future')


The next destined step for humanity is the creation of right human relationships. That means the demonstration of our ability to live in peace. If we cannot live in peace, we cannot live at all because a war today on a major scale would destroy all life. So the first step into right human relations is the creation of conditions of peace. Maitreya says this is simple but there is only one way in which we can produce peace: that is to create justice in the world. Without justice there will never be peace and without peace there will be no world. How then do we get justice? We share the resources. There are more than enough resources for all the people in the world. When we share, Maitreya says, we take the first step into our divinity. Sharing, He says, is divine, freedom is divine, justice is divine. These are all divine aspects. ìTo manifest his divinity, man must embrace these three.î [from Message No.81] (Benjamin Creme, The Great Approach)


I come to take you with Me into the New Country – the Country of Love, the Country of Trust, of Beauty and Freedom. I shall take you there if you can follow Me, accept Me, let Me lead and guide. And, if this be so, together we shall build a New World: a world in which men can live without fear, without mistrust, without division; sharing together the Earth's bounty, knowing together the Bliss of Union with our Source. All this can be yours. You have only to take the first steps and I may lead. Allow Me to help you. Allow Me to show you the way – forward, into a simpler life where no man lacks; where no two days are alike; where the Joy of Brotherhood manifests through all men. (Maitreya, from Message No.3)


When Maitreya makes His appearance before the world, He will herald the beginning of a New Age for men. In this coming age men will rise to heights undreamt of by those now in incarnation. New teachings will beget new knowledge, new inspiration, new illumination, and all in order and sequence. Hopes will give way to certainties, fears to faith and ignorance to wisdom.

When man grasps the facts of his existence: his threefold nature; his recurring appearance on the physical plane; the great and just Law of Karma by whose action his lives and deaths proceed, he will enter into a state of Being in which all becomes possible. Then will unfold the powers latent in all men which, when revealed, will demonstrate the divine origin of man. (The Master –, from ëThe time ahead')


On His decision to return to the everyday world, announced in June 1945, Maitreya was (and still is) overshadowed by the Spirit of Peace or Equilibrium in a manner very similar to the way He overshadowed and worked through Jesus. The Spirit of Peace is an extra-planetary Avatar, and it is His energy of Equilibrium which, Maitreya has recently said, is bringing about the new world stability, the new ëconsensus' politics around the world. This Cosmic Being works with the Law of Action and Reaction, which are opposite and equal. The effect of the Avatar's energy of Equilibrium is to transform the existing turbulence and violence, hatred and mistrust into their opposites – in exact proportion. We shall, therefore, under the influence of this energy (this can already be seen), enter an era of peace and co-operation, mental and emotional balance and poise – in exact proportion to the prevalent discord and strife. (Benjamin Creme, Share International May 1989)


The task ahead will be to create conditions on a worldwide scale whereby all men will have a voice in creating the future society. Only thus will the present divisions be resolved. This is not as difficult as it might seem, for the key rests in man's hands. The key, as always, is the principle of sharing. (The Master –, from ëThe creation of new structures')


[Maitreya] has come to teach humanity the need for sharing. ìSharing,î He says, ìis divine. When you share you recognize God in your brother.î Without sharing there can never be justice in the world. If there is no justice there can never be peace. If there is no peace then there is no world, because now we can destroy the planet and every life-stream on it. The nations must understand that we are one humanity, and therefore that the food, raw materials, energy, scientific technology and educational facilities of the world belong to all and must be shared. They are not the monopoly of the developed world and if we continue to assume that they are, we will destroy this civilization, based as it is on the blind following of market forces. Greed is created by the human mind. Only the awareness of the human mind will bring it to a halt, when we see its destructive effect on all nations. Fortunately, Maitreya expects humanity to respond positively to His advice and suggestions. He is sure that there will be no third world war, that the disasters taking place in the world now will not culminate in global cataclysms. On the contrary: we are on the threshold of an era of peace and goodwill. (Benjamin Creme, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom)


The era of competition is fast coming to an end. With its demise, violence and war, starvation amid plenty, greed and separation, will likewise fade from the memory. To replace these sorrows will emerge blessed co-operation, to guarantee to men their essential divinity. (The Master –, from ëThe art of co-operation')


What will be the eventual goal of this planet, in its evolution?

One day, through the agency of man, this planet will shine with the brilliance of a diamond. That is the ultimate aim of this planet – to shine in the heavens in its absolutely pure form, radiating its specific ray in total purity. (Benjamin Creme, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom)


A new simplicity will distinguish the coming civilization under the guidance of these Knowers of God Ö Shortly, new energies will enter our lives and inspire men to creative action. A new and harmonious stimulus will be given to art and the art of living. A beauty not seen before will transform the ways of men and illumine for all time the nature of God.

Man stands now ready for Revelation. His heart and mind poised and turned to the future, he awaits the glory which, by readiness, he has invoked. (The Master –, from ëThe art of living')


Many are those who see a future black indeed. Wretched in fear, they await the end. My Promise is this: for all men dawns a future bathed in the light of God's Truth. Hearken to that truth, My friends, and prove this to be so. (Maitreya, from Message No.112)


If there were some country or countries or groups who threatened the world with atomic terror, would the Hierarchy intervene?

My information is that the Hierarchy would intervene. The threat would not be allowed to run that far. Steps would be taken to prevent its detonation. I do not know how it would be done, but it would be done. The danger is the destructiveness that humanity has at its control. That is why it is so imperative that Maitreya makes Himself known and leads us back from the precipice. He has never been so needed as He is today because the problems, which are the problems of life or death, have never been so concentrated as they are today. (Benjamin Creme, Share International Jan/Feb 2001)


Under the stimulus of the Christ and the Masters, men will find themselves the recipients of knowledge and insights which will open before their eyes vistas of new being and meaning. Inevitably, as a result, will flow the creation of new forms, new techniques of living and working, new methods of production and new goals and aims by which to measure man's achievements. An entirely new approach to life will express itself through new relationships and rituals. (The Master –, from ëThe new simplicity')


Ö the civilization of the future will demonstrate qualities we cannot even begin to talk about. We do not have words for what we will see and know. We do not have words for the quality of that civilization. Nor for the feeling, the experience, of that relationship when all people see and experience themselves as brothers and sisters of one home, one planet. That will take people back to the experience of childhood. Home was home. Your brothers and sisters were the staff that kept you on the right track. So it will be.

We will truly depend on each other. An interdependent world will be a reality. It is today a reality, but we do not recognize the fact. In this coming time the constructions, the inventions, the extraordinary discoveries latent yet just beyond us at the present moment will become realities. We will unleash them through correct relationship, leisure, education, recognition in the world for the first time that we are souls in incarnation on a journey of exploration together, creating the artefacts of that civilization and demonstrating that we are Gods. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Living)


The major need today is for the transformation of the structures within which you now live. Your civilization, My friends, is dying nay, it is already dead. Out of its ashes will grow a new beauty whose basis is Love, Justice and Sharing. Make these your aims, My friends, and know the meaning of God. Make these your aims, My friends, and know the meaning of a full and happy life. (Maitreya, from Message No.107)


My Masters are working to trace for you the outlines of the future. Bear these well in mind. The rock upon which that glorious future will be built is Love, Justice and Sharing. (Maitreya, from Message No.45)


Sharing provides the answer to all man's problems and a sure entry into the New Age. Through sharing, peace will prevail. Through sharing, justice will be won. Through sharing and co-operation, brotherhood will flourish, and a new and glorious future open for man. (The Master –, from ëThe future')

When I make Myself known, I shall express the hope of all mankind for a new life, a new start, a readiness to change direction; to see the construction of a New World in which men can live in peace; can live free from fear of themselves or their brothers; free to create from the joy in their hearts; free to be themselves, in simple honesty. (Maitreya, from Message No.8)

My friends, I am near you indeed. I see around you your aspiration and love, your hope and desire for a better world. Believe Me, My friends, all these will be fulfilled. That New World is now in the making, is formed in thought and desire, and slowly descends. Therefore, My brothers, know no fear. (Maitreya, from Message No.100)

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005