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Glimpses of the future

A summary of forecasts from Maitreya, World Teacher for Aquarius, Benjamin Creme's Master, and from Benjamin Creme.

Since its inception, Share International has published forecasts of life ahead, from Maitreya, Benjamin Creme's Master, and also from Benjamin Creme. Below is a small selection of these unique insights into the future.

Age of Aquarius

When man creates around himself the forms and structures based on unity and brotherhood .... he will stand on the threshold of an entirely new experience of reality from which will flow a steady stream of creativity unlike aught seen before in this world. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Jan. 1982)


A time is coming, My friends, when you will see around you cities of beauty, glowing creations of Love, and all the manifestation of Man's dreams of himself as God. (Maitreya, Jan. 1979)

Day of Declaration

People will enter churches, temples and mosques, and church bells will ring. It will be a day of rejoicing. (Maitreya, Sept. 1988)


The time is coming in which the experience we call death, the intervening period, and the return to outer manifestation will be recalled in full consciousness by man. Then will man lose the fear of death. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Nov. 1987)


Drug-taking will begin to decrease. Politicians will be surprised; spiritual workers will be thrilled. People everywhere will begin to experience a sense of inner happiness. (Maitreya, Nov. 1989)


When the ray-structure, evolutionary development and purposes of the soul are known and documented, a more scientific approach can be made to the education of both children and adults. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Jan. 1988)


In the future, known karmic and ray-relationship and soul-purpose will play a much greater part in the selection of mates and in providing a field for the incoming of souls. (Benjamin Creme, Nov. 1989)


Ordinary people, intellectuals, educationalists, and others from a variety of walks of life will find they have a genuine voice in government. This will replace control of the masses through ideology. Evolution means evolution towards freedom. (Maitreya, Sept. 1988)

[Sweeping changes] herald an era in which a new balance will be struck between the need of individuals for freedom and self-expression, and that of society for discipline and order. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Oct. 1989)


Drugs and surgery will no longer be needed as doctors are trained in the use of the Technology [of Light] in healing. Eventually the need for so many hospitals will diminish, as people can undergo treatment within hours for even the most serious conditions. (Maitreya, July '89)

– The etheric planes of matter await man's exploration and study. The treatment of disease will take on a new dimension when the function of the force-centres (chakras) as receivers and dispensers of energy is understood and when their connection with the major glands of the endocrine system is known. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Nov. 1982)


The process of inculcation, of imposition, by forcing ideologies into the minds of people, is beginning to dissolve round the world, both in religious and in political fields. (Maitreya, Dec. 1988)


The Master Jesus will play an important part. His is the task to reconstruct the Christian groups along more fruitful lines and to prepare them for their role as centres of teaching and healing. In this He will work closely with the Christ. (Benjamin Creme's Master, June 1985)


In the animal kingdom, through man's energetic stimulus, profound changes will take place. Under the impact of man's mind, a new co-operation between the kingdoms will become possible. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Oct. 1987)


Leisure, available for the first time to millions, will provide the opportunity for a close involvement in community and national life and organization. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Jan. 1983)

Light technology

We are now entering the age of light. The Hierarchy are training scientists through experiences of phenomenal powers by demonstrating the use of the science of light to achieve transfiguration, transportation and communication. (Maitreya, Apr. 1989)


His teaching will be released in phases over the next 2,350 years or so. In the first place He will lay the emphasis on the oneness of humanity, on the human soul, and on sharing and right relationships. He will teach, again, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Rebirth, and the need for harmlessness. (Benjamin Creme, Oct. 1984)


Each nation will contribute its special gifts to a new world harmony. Thus will √ęThe Desire of all Nations' be established in our midst. (Benjamin Creme's Master, May 1987)


The effect of the [Spirit of Peace's] energy of Equilibrium is to transform the existing turbulence. We shall, therefore, under the influence of this energy enter an era of peace and co-operation, mental and emotional balance and poise – in exact proportion to the prevalent discord and strife. (Benjamin Creme, May 1989)


A true realization of the implications of reincarnation will transform the whole Western approach to reality. The idea that there is purpose and plan; above all that the great Law of Cause and Effect governs our existence, must change our viewpoint. The need for right human relationships, for harmlessness, will become abundantly clear. (Benjamin Creme, Sept. 1985)


When the world's goods are shared more equitably, half of man's problems will vanish overnight. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Oct. 1985)

There is a group of high initiates, who are themselves economists, industrialists and financiers of tremendous reputation and achievement, who have developed, with the help of the Hierarchy, a series of alternative plans, which will solve the redistribution problems which are at the heart of the economic problem. These plans can be implemented immediately as soon as humanity accepts the principle of sharing. (Benjamin Creme, Feb. 1982)


Man's mind is an instrument by which the mental planes can be contacted. When men realize this, they will understand how telepathy is the natural result of this relationship, and a new era of mutual communication and understanding will begin. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Sept. 1992)


When humanity is One, in fact and in truth, Time will disappear. When man approaches life from the inner, creative standpoint, Time will lose its hold over our minds and thus free us from its tyranny. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Jan. 1982)


International travel on a massive scale will reduce the isolation and prejudice which narrows the vision and keeps in ignorance so many millions today. (Benjamin Creme's Master, Jan. 1994)

United Nations

The United Nations will become the most powerful political force in the world. It will be the agency through which all major international problems will be resolved. (Maitreya, Sept. 1989)

Waters of life

The Waters of Life created by Maitreya all over the planet (eventually 777) – sources of practically inexhaustable water charged by the energy of Aquarius – will vastly increase the health of humanity. (Benjamin Creme, Nov. 1996)


Changes in weather patterns are already occurring and will continue as a result of the earth's warming. The earth will be full of food, and no one will be able to understand the process fully. (Maitreya, Sept.1988)

From the January/February 2000 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005